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Tuesday Review – The Lighthouse (2019)

 I’m still not entirely convinced by Robert Pattinson. It’s not really his fault. I just haven’t seen that many of his films. Besides Harry Potter and Twilight I’ve managed to avoid the majority of Pattinson’s career. I didn’t really have a reaction when it was announced he was taking over as Batman. […]

Bookish Post – October Reading Wrap-Up

Another month and another reading wrap-up. In terms of the number of weeks to books, OctoberBookish Post – September Reading Wrap-UpBookish Post – September Reading Wrap-Up was an even better month than September. I managed to finish 6 whole books, which is well beyond what I thought possible. I knew […]

Tuesday Review – Joker (2019)

It’s been over a week since I saw Todd Phillips’ reimagining of the great Batman villain. I’ve been wrestling with my thoughts about it ever since. Unfortunately, nobody that I normally discuss these things with has seen it yet. I’ve pretty much been going back and forth between liking it […]