Throwback Thirty – Young Guns (1988)

 I've had a huge thing for Kiefer Sutherland for as long as I can remember. I think he's beautiful. Even when he's torturing people on 24. So today's TBT films made me feel a little weird. To think that the year I was born Kiefer Sutherland was riding around with Emilio Estevez (another 80s crush... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Reviews – Game Night (2018)

 There's something about seeing Jason Bateman's face on a movie poster that screams "this film isn't going to be as good as it could be". This effect is heightened when accompanied by the words "from the guys who brought you Horrible Bosses". Anyone who's been around for a long time may remember that I reviewed Horrible Bosses... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thirty – Willow (1988)

 So, I'm having a bit of a Ron Howard moment right now thanks to Solo and the newest series of Arrested Development. He's the kind of director who has done more films than I remember. I know his Dan Brown films, Apollo 13, American Grafitti etc but he's done a lot more that I always forget about. It was only... Continue Reading →

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