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30 Books For My 30th – Number 18

Previous             Next Dear Frankenstein, Before we get into the nitty gritty of this letter let me just say happy birthday. What a wonderful year; both of us celebrating significant ages. Your 200 does make my mere 30 years seem a bit trifling, so thanks for that, […]

30 Books For My 30th – Number 9

Previous           Next   Dear Wuthering Heights (Set to the tune of Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush) Sat on my dusty, groaning shelf You sat between the rest You had a darkness dipped in Gothic black So mean, so moody How could I like you When I wouldn’t try the […]

30 Books For My 30th – Number 7

Previous              Next Dear Mary Wollstonecraft, Today is International Women’s Day so there was really nobody else who I could write today’s letter to. Especially a few days after Jeremy Corbyn decided that it’s time a statue of you is built. You are Britain’s first […]

30 Books For My 30th – Number 6

Previous       Next Dear The Picture of Dorian Gray, They say all women love a bad boy. Teenage girls? Phew, they can’t get enough of ’em. And you? You’re one of the biggest literary bad boys out there. I mean, you were once described by a magazine editor as containing […]

Tuesday’s Reviews –

You find me feeling really annoyed today. As you know, I had intended to finish watching all of the films nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award before the Oscars. I managed it but failed to get down my predictions for the awards. To be honest, I was so tired […]