TBT – A Christmas Story (1983)

Everyone has their own favourite Christmas film. It's a deeply personal and, often, confusing thing. I, personally, don't understand why anyone would say anything other than The Muppets' Christmas Carol but there are some weirdos out there. Love Actually is one of the those films that genuinely baffles me. There is so much love for that film... Continue Reading →

TBT – Left Behind (2014)

I promise you that I definitely meant to write a bookish post yesterday but I've recently contracted the plague. My head feels like it's full of sea water, aquatic life included, and I swear there is someone trying to jam a screwdriver through my right eye. There are various liquids slowly seeping from every available... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Reviews – Geostorm (2017)

There was a time, back in about 2012, when I genuinely believed that Gerard Butler was going to be a great actor. I admit, this was mostly to do with the film Coriolanus where he blew everyone's minds by being fucking awesome in Shakespeare. Since then, Hollywood has continued to cast him in underwhelming action movies... Continue Reading →

TBT – Very Bad Things (1998)

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I have seen quite a few comments recently bemoaning the fact that Rough Night is basically a female remake of the 90s film Very Bad Things. I don't know how, why or when I saw Very Bad Things but I was probably far too young and channel hopping late at night. I can't... Continue Reading →

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