Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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img_4240I feel like I’m starting this week on a high. With a lot of help, I’ve managed to arrange some work experience with the marketing department at work. As any long time readers of this blog will know, I’ve been trying (and failing) to get an entry level job in marketing for a while now. I keep being told I’m a promising candidate but I lack the experience of other applicants. But, after being messed around a bit by a different manager, it’s finally happening. I’m really excited about it but, of course, there comes the fear that I’ll actually be super shit. I can already imagine going in and making things so much worse for everyone. I just need to get those damn thoughts out of my head. I’ve been wanting this for long that I need to not fuck it up with my self-doubt. I swear my twin sister managed to steal all of my self-confidence before we were born. Sucked it right out of me. She’s got more than her fair share! I should ask a doctor about some kind of transfusion or donation. I’m sure she can spare it.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • TUESDAY’S REVIEWS –  Skyscaper (2018)

In stark contrast to last week’s On Chesil Beach, I reviewed the latest in a long line of by-the-book action movies starring Dwayne Johnson. A friend at work had been trying and failing to get me excited about this one for ages but I just couldn’t do it. Still, there was I’ve grown quite fond of Dwayne recently and decided to find out if this was one of his better ones. To find out for yourself go to my review here.

  • BOOK REVIEW – Mad by Chloe Esposito

Number 3 in a row. Don’t get cocky kid. The final book out of the ones I read during my holiday. I had very strong feelings about this one so this review could have gone on forever. To see that Motherbooker passion in action click here.

  • THROWBACK THIRTY – The Accused (1988)

Some films are harder to watch than others. This week’s throwback thirty choice was something I knew about but had never brought myself to watch. I knew I had to include it in my series because it won Jodie Foster the Best Actress Oscar. So, I finally bit the bullet. Check out my review here.

Just Finished

  • Kenobi by John Jackson Miller

I managed to finish this on Thursday night after a couple of marathon sessions. I’ll be posting a review on Wednesday if I get the chance. And if I manage to get my thoughts in order. I’m kind of torn over this one. I think my love of Ewan McGregor is confusing me. As it does so often…

Currently Reading

  • Eleanor Oliphant if Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

I’ve had a friend of mine imploring me to start this book for ages so when I found it last week it felt like it was finally time. I started on Friday and am currently sailing through it. It’s such an easy and comforting read. I’ve not been this excited to read something for ages.


Recently Purchased

I’m trying harder to be good from now on because I’ve got a few big expenses coming up and I almost made it through the week without buying something. However, it’s bank holiday weekend and my favourite vintage book store is having a sale. How could I not have a cheeky look?

  • Vintage book haul: I went looking for more Vintage Pan editions but ended up leaving with 3 gorgeous hardback F Scott Fitzgerald books. I bought The Beautiful and the Damned, This Side of Paradise and Tender is the Night. I can’t wait to show them off on my Instagram.


Recently Watched 

  • Netflix Binges – Waking the Dead,

I’ve not really been using Netflix so much lately as I’ve had a craving to revisit this classic BBC show for a while. Well, actually, I’ve been craving watching the episode starring Toby Stephens since I finished Lost in Space. That and that one episode of Marple that he’s in. And then I just got hooked and bought the entire season 5 from Amazon. And then season 6  happened to be stupidly cheap so I couldn’t resist. Though I’m slowly remembering that 6 is definitely one of the worst series of the show.

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