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This week I’ve done badly with reading again. The reason is the same as it was last week. On Thursday I had an interview and since last Friday I’ve been madly preparing and trying to calm my nerves. I’m not sure how it went but I know I could have done better answering the questions. It’s safe to say, with my past experiences, that I don’t have my hopes up but it’s a job that I really want. Still, it’s out of my hands for now so I’ve spent my time since Thursday playing Civilisation V. It’s been fucking awesome. I’d forgotten that I’d bought it until the game was discounted on Steam. I’ve bought so much shit in their sales over the years that I have an unlimited supply of games I’ve never or rarely played. So to ignore my increasing fears of rejection I’ve been trying to dominate a digital world. I always intend to try a peaceful campaign for as long as possibly but easily fall into the joy of military victory. Well, I am British. As if I can avoid creating an massive Empire with my huge fleet of war ships.

Currently Reading

  • His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet

It’s still good. It’s still being read super slowly. I have nothing more to say.

Recently Purchased

  • Dear Laura – Jean Stubbs
After my interview I had some spare time before my bus. It just so happens there’s a fantastic charity bookshop nearby so I wasted my time buying books that I didn’t need. This is one of them. Why did I buy it? It has my name in the title. That’s it. Worst reason to buy a book ever. I have a fucking problem. Still, a good old fashioned Victorian mystery sounds bloody good to me. A business man dies of an apparent suicide but is it actually murder?

  • Fidelity – Susan Glaspell
Another of my charity book haul. I bought this because it’s on of those beautiful Persephone Books editions. The simple grey colour is good enough but opening it up to the gorgeous end pages. I just couldn’t resist. This novel asks the question “is love enough?” When a young woman marries someone controversial for love it has consequences for so many people. When she returns to her home time she has to ask, was it worth it?

  • Quantum Leap novels (Knights of the Morningstar – Melanie Rawn and Loch Ness Leap – Sandy Schofield)
The greatest charity shop find ever. These two babies were the first thing I saw and there was no way I was leaving the store without them. Quantum Leap is the cult sci-fi show that has scientist Sam Beckett lost in time. He gets around by leaping into the bodies of random people and found himself on any number of weird and wacky situations. These books are bound to be a fantastic use of my time.

  • Angel Catbird – Margaret Atwood, Johnnie Christmas and Tamra Bonvillain
This is a book so perfect that, if I didn’t actually possess it, I would easily suspect I made up myself. Amazing writer Margaret Atwood has devised a graphic novel about a man who accidentally gives himself the ability to turn into a cat/owl hybrid. This is based on classic, pulpy superhero adventures and is fucking amazing. Johnnie Christmas’ artwork is great and the narrative is just brilliant. As are all the cat facts that litter the pages. It’s going to be a painful wait for part 2 next year. 

Recently Watched
  • Luke Cage
Friday was Luke Cage day as we all know but I didn’t have the time to watch any more than the first episode. I’m trying to take this series slower than I do with most Netflix shows. I know there are a fair few numbers in comparison to a lot out there but I don’t want to rush it. I already know I’m going to love this and, after feeling lost when I finished Stranger Things in a day, I want to let this feeling last. 

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