I’ve had a busy day today so I’ve been super late with all of my postings. I’ve got a genuine excuse for my distraction… honest. No seriously, this isn’t like those other times when I’ve just laid in bed and not had the energy to get to my keyboard. I’ve been working and doing stuff. So I’m here, late on a Sunday night before a Monday early shift and I’m madly trying to remember what I’ve done this week, It’s been a weirdly quiet one. After being on a bit of a spending spree recently I promised myself I wasn’t going to buy more books and I nearly got through a week without it. Of course, being me, I didn’t make it a whole 7 days. Damn this obsessive book love. It’ll be the death of me… or at least my bank balance.

Currently Reading
  • His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet

So a week ago I was praising this for improving my desire to read and celebrating how quickly I was getting through it. Unfortunately, I keep being put on shifts with some great people so it’s harder to abandon them in favour of solitary reading. Still, I’m getting there. I still love it but recent developments have distracted me even more from reading. Once things have calmed down I’ll be back on it. I promise.

Recently Purchased

  • The Good Immigrant – Nikesh Shukla (ed.)
I was really smug about getting through the week without giving in to my weaknesses and buying a book. Then I saw this on Instagram and knew I had to have it. It is a collection of 21 pieces by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people who describe their experiences in Britain today. It sounds fucking awesome and exactly the kind of thing I should be reading. The kind of thing we should all be reading.

Recently Watched
  • Netflix repeats
In the last few weeks I’ve rewatched I’m Alan Partridge, Fawlty TowersThat Mitchell and Webb Look and The Mighty Boosh as I get ready in the morning. I’m the kind of person that needs something on in the morning to keep me focused. I know it sounds strange but it works for me. So I put on stuff I’ve already seen. It means when I’m looking for the odd episode of an evening, though, it means I carry on with the series. Basically, I’m just killing time until Luke Cage is released on Friday. Now that looks fucking awesome. 

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