Friday Favourites: Bookish Words

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img_2474-01563018133640010750.jpeg I love words. I’d love to say that I always have but I’m not sure that’s true. But I’ve always enjoyed writing and putting words together. I always got carried away. I remember once in my school days writing an essay that was 3x the length of my friends’ essay.  I just couldn’t stop. Then there was the time at university when I wrote a piece of coursework that was double the word count. It was an absolute bitch having to edit that thing down. It’s entirely possible that some of it didn’t even make sense in the end because I couldn’t cut enough words out. I just bloody love words. When I used to work in a kitchen and a waitress needed the chicken adding to their Caesar salad, I’d make then ask for a “Caesar pleaser”. Just cause I love a rhyme. The best part of my new job is being paid to write stuff. I’m super annoying though. I’ll rewrite everything my colleagues write because it doesn’t sound good enough to me. I’m sure they all hate me. But, at the same time, they’ve spent all of today trying to tell me that it should be “kids shirts” and not “kids’ shirts”. So, fuck ’em. Instead, let’s focus on those beautiful bookish words. Here are some of my favourites.