Throwback Thirty – Willow (1988)

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willow-movie-poster-1988-10204689425_star_rating_system_2_stars So, I’m having a bit of a Ron Howard moment right now thanks to Solo and the newest series of Arrested Development. He’s the kind of director who has done more films than I remember. I know his Dan Brown films, Apollo 13American Grafitti etc but he’s done a lot more that I always forget about. It was only after the character of Ron Howard brought up the film Willow on an episode of Arrested Development that I was reminded that he directed that film. I think I just get stuck on the George Lucas part that I just ignore anyone else that actually had a hand in making it. In my head, this is a film that was made by George Lucas, Val Kilmer, and Warwick Davis. But no. The ginger kid from Happy Days, obviously, had a hand in it too. So how much of this film have I forgotten over the years? It seemed like a good time to revisit it so, ignoring the rules of my TBT jar, I went ahead and watched it for today’s review.