Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

We’ve only got one more day left in the month which means I’m madly trying to finish all of my current reads. I should be okay but I’m so tired right now. Obviously, it’s been quite a week in terms of world news and I haven’t helped myself by doom scrolling on Twitter constantly. This is certainly going to be quite a memorable decade and not for the right reasons.

Film Review – The French Dispatch (2021)

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Wes Anderson isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. I know this. He can be a little too quirky and whimsical for many people. I have friends who can’t stand him. I do think he sort of shot himself in the foot a little by making The Grand Budapest Hotel so funny and accessible. It gave more people the Anderson bug but they don’t get the same feeling from his other films. Personally, I enjoy his work. It’s like a little aesthetic escape from reality. His films are an antidote to the doom and gloom that we regularly see around us. I get excited every time a new film is announced. If it hadn’t been for the pandemic, I would have raced to see The French Dispatch at the cinema as soon as it came out. As it stands, I’m still avoiding public spaces as much as possible without totally ruining my life. Meaning I had to wait for this to come to Disney+. Better late than never.

Throwback Thursday – Fantastic Mr Fox (2009)

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p3531300_v_v8_aj5_star_rating_system_4_stars1 We’re already on our second Thursday of the month and, in keeping with my nostalgic film, I’m rewatching the second film that I reviewed on this blog. It was nearly a month after I posted the first one so, it’s safe to say, I had a pretty relaxed start to this whole thing. I’m so invested in my schedule these days that it’s hard to cope with the fact that I used to just post whenever I had something to write about. It could be weeks or months between writing. I’m not saying that these days I write to gain any kind of response but, back then, I definitely wasn’t writing with the belief that anyone was going to read it. To be honest, I probably only went through with it because I didn’t believe anyone was going to read it. I’d have been mortified to think anyone I knew would see what I was doing. I’m still a little mortified that so many people in my life know about this now but I my love for doing this outweighs all of my natural instincts to hide away. I wish I had more confidence. The kind of confidence it takes for a fox to steal food and drink from under the noses of three angry farmers. Oh, look at that. Brought right back round to topic in hand. It’s almost like I’ve done this blogging malarky before.

Tuesday’s Reviews – Isle of Dogs (2018)

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isleofdogsfirstlook5_star_rating_system_4_and_a_half_stars Apparently, I need to make more friends who are willing to watch Wes Anderson films. I adore all of his films but find it very difficult to find people who aren’t put off by his quirkiness. That’s why it’s taken me so bloody long to finally get round to watching his second animated feature. If you’ve been around for a while you’ll know that I really love Fantastic Mr Fox and the adorable stop-motion animation. So I was really excited about seeing this. I just couldn’t find anyone else who was as excited. I’ve always found it hard to get the people in my life to appreciate Anderson in the same way that I have. And I understand why. He’s not for everyone. I can see that. His first few movies could, conceivably, taken place in the real world but, as his career moved on, Anderson has slowly started to move further into his own realms. The kind of fantasy worlds that exist in and of themselves without need for further explanation. I’ve read someone describe them as being like video game universes and I think that’s a perfect description. You don’t need to know anymore about them than what you see and you’re always instantly engrossed. Yet even my oldest friends find his whimsical worlds to be a bit tedious after a while. Personally, I’d love to live in an Anderson world.