Bitesize Book Reviews 6

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Marvel’s Eternals is out now and I can’t say that I’m that bothered. It doesn’t help that the critical reaction hasn’t been ideal. It says a lot about a film when they are pushing the reviews of normal people on social media or random people with film blogs. I guess it doesn’t help that I don’t know much about the characters. I’ve never read any of The Eternals comics so I’m utterly clueless about where they fit into the world. I’m also suffering from Marvel fatigue and can’t really face the new directions they’re going in. The total expansion of the MCU and the nonstop Marvel franchises. It’s all so much. The fact that everything has to link also irritates me. When you are manufacturing scenes just to tie films together then something is wrong. Write to add to the story not or don’t write it at all. Anway, to try and increase my excitement, I decided to delve into a few graphic novels. The first 3 that I got free on my Kindle in fact.