Bookish Post – Books On My 2023 TBR

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One of my permanent New Year’s Resolutions is to stop buying so many books. Or, at least, to stop buying so many books before I’ve finished reading the ones I’ve got. My TBR never seems to get shorter because it’s so easy to buy books. If I hear about a good one then I might as well get a copy before I forget about it. What if it’s my new favourite and I miss the chance to give it a try? I don’t get FOMO about many things but I do with books. Which is why I’m currently drawing in books. Many that I’ve read but possibly more than I’ve not. I’m making a conscious effort to decrease my TBR this year but that hasn’t stopped me pre-ordering several things already. I’ve also got my eye on a few more that are being published this year. Here are the most notable ones.

Bookish Post – October Pre-Orders


Normally, I have enough self-control to not pre-order books because there’s really no need. It’s not as if it will become impossible to read it, so it’s just a waste. I very rarely pick up a new release as soon as I buy it, which means it just sits on my shelf for ages. Well, I’ve a lot more time on my hands in 2021. This definitely explains why I’m suddenly all about the pre-orders. There are quite as many this month but there are some that I’m very excited. As I couldn’t face writing today’s review, I decided to go through the list.w

Bookish Post – September Pre-Orders


I have quite a terrible habit of treating pre-orders as fake book purchases. After all, you can order them way in advance and not worry about the consequences of your actions until later. This year, I’ve made a few pre-orders and, it turns out, a lot of them are coming out next month. I’m excited about them all but I’m not sure I’ll actually get chance to read them. That’s the only problem with my Spell the Month Reading Challenge. It does limit me somewhat. The fact that September is the longest month name, it just makes it more difficult. As you probably won’t be seeing them on here for a while (and because I’m not quite ready to review my latest read), I figured we could go through the books I’ll get getting in a few weeks.

Friday Favourites: Self-Isolation Reads

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It feels like every year since 2016 has tried to trump (bad choice of words) the previous one for shittest year ever. 2019 was a terrible year for many reasons and a lot of us were hoping the new decade would be a time for change. Unfortunately, 2020 had different ideas. Thanks to the medication I’m taking, I’m one of the more vulnerable people, so I’ve essentially gone on lockdown for the foreseeable future. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work from home, which is taking a bit of getting used to. I’m also lucky that I don’t really need to go out for anything major. I’ll have a few of my regular hospital appointments and stuff but that’s not a major issue. Of course, it will mean a lot of time spent inside. I’m an introverted bookish person, so I figured that this would be a good thing in the end. I had visions of me reading endlessly and using my spare time really well. So far, that’s not happened. I’ve become lazier and less productive outside of work. To inspire me, I decided to make a list of the books I was hoping to get through during my period of isolation. Well, it can’t go any worse, can it?

Friday Favourites: Books on my TBR Pile

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img_2350-014735115835162578466.jpegEverywhere that I look people seem to be writing Best of the Decade lists. I’ve seen lists about books, writers, films, music, television and more. Part of my thinks that, as a respectful blogger, I should have written my own such lists. However, I know that my terrible memory means that I have no idea what I’ve consumed in the last 10 years. And, even if I could, it would only be a tiny fraction of everything. Certainly with books. I won’t have read much for the first part of the decade. It was only when I started to review books more that I started keeping track of my books. It’s been really useful but I should have started doing it earlier. So, instead of looking back for this Friday Favourites I’m looking forward. To the books, I want to read this year. I’ve made a promise to myself (that I’m already wanting to break) that I won’t buy any new books. I’ve got too many unread ones on my shelf that I have to stop buying. So, 2020 is about the books that have been around for weeks, months, years without being opened. Its time. Because my TBR pile is pretty huge. Although, as we all know, not every TBR book is created equal. As much as I don’t like to play favourites, I know there are certain books that I’m more excited about reading. These are just a few that are currently at the top.