Bookish Post – Spell the Month in Book Titles: December


What a stressful way to end the year. As interesting as this reading challenge has been, I can’t say that I’m planning on doing anything like this again. The time between Christmas should be about eating and sleeping. Instead, I was panicking about finding books to read to cross off the letters I still needed. Still, I just about managed it and now I’m looking forward to reading whatever I want next year.

Bookish Post – Spell the Month in Book Titles: November


I knew that the last few months of the year would be tough in terms of the length of the names. I wasn’t expecting to struggle so much with some of the letters. For November, I know that V could be tricky but I thought E and R would be easy. Not for me, it turns out. What has happened to all of my E and R titled books? Despite this, I still managed to finish everything I needed this month. So, how did I do it?

Bookish Post – Spell the Month in Book Titles: October

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October is over which means another reading challenge has come to an end. I feel like October was a much easier month than September. I listened to a lot of audiobooks and that definitely helped. I even managed to finish ahead of time. Feeling quite proud of myself. Though it won’t last. The closer we get to Christmas, the harder it will be to find the time. I must stock up on picture books for December!

Bookish Post – Spell the Month in Book Titles: September


Boy, this reading challenge seemed like a good idea when I first started it. Now we’re getting to the end of the year and the months are getting longer. I can’t help but wonder what past Laura was thinking. She’s such a bloody optimist. Thankfully, I just about managed to get all the books I needed read. Although, it wouldn’t have happened without my holiday.

Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

It’s the last day of my holiday and the day before I’m back at work. I’ve had such a good week that I’m really not ready for it to end. I should book off two weeks in future. I need a week away and then a week to recover. Hopefully, I won’t be going back to a load of unanswered emails and jobs that need doing. Ideally, it’ll be a stress free week to ease myself back in. When has that ever happened. As you will have noticed, I haven’t ben blogging this week. Why am I doing an rundown then? Well, I have read a lot of books. At least, a lot for me. It will be a bit of time before I get round to reviewing them all, so I figured why not update you on what I’ve got through.

Bookish Post – Spell the Month in Book Titles: August


August is the first in a run of long month names. For the rest of the year, I’m going to have to be smart to get every letter crossed off. I’m already panicking about September and we’re only 2 days in. But enough of this month. How did I do last month? Did I cross off every letter? Including those two pesky U’s?

Bookish Post – Spell the Month in Book Titles: July

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By the end of the day, July will be over and we’ll be one month closer to the end of the year. I know 2020 was the longest year in history but 2021 really isn’t wasting any time. The end of July also means the end of short month titles. From here on out, it’s long names to spell out. I’m pretty concerned that I won’t manage it but I’ll do what I can. Hopefully, I can just get through with audiobooks and graphic novels.

Bookish Post – Spell the Month in Book Titles: June


So June has come and gone. This means another month of my Spell the Month Reading challenge is over. I’m pleased to report that it seemed easier in June than it did in May. I was finished with the challenge quite early. I guess that’s mostly to do with the order that I was reading in but also because I actually gave more time up to reading. Of course, one of my books was only 32 pages long but that was mostly because I was struggling for a Pride book starting with U. I’m also wary that I have a lot of U’s coming up, so I’ve got to be a bit clever.

Bookish Post – Spell the Month in Book Titles: May


Ah, May. The 3 letter month. This was such a relief after my recent reading slump. Maybe too much of a relief. I think I got a bit cocky at a few points and should probably have focused on some of the longer books earlier on. Especially as it was another difficult “Y” month. I knew that I already owned a book for that letter but it was a longer one than I’ve read in a while. I’m just not used to books above 250 pages anymore. God knows how I’d cope with Ann Radcliffe of Tolkien these days. Anyway, let’s take a look at the titles I picked out for May.

Bookish Post – Spell the Month in Book Titles: April

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April should be easy I thought. I’ve already got a few options for most of the letters. It’s really nothing to worry about. To be fair, it wasn’t. At least it wasn’t until I got to “i”. I’m pretty sure that I don’t own any books that start with that letter but I also know that I owned a copy of I Capture the Castle at some point. I never thought I’d find something that I wanted to read but, with no time to spare, I managed another month. Here’s how I did it.