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Friday Favourites: Instagram Special

 What’s this? Am I abusing my new Friday Favourites system to shamelessly plug my Instagram account? Yes, it might seem like that. Because it’s what’s happening. However, I was really happy with my Halloween themed photos. Last year I had a lot of fun with my Halloween photos and this […]

Creatively Content – #cs_colourmyworld

 This week’ss Creatively Squared challenge was all about adding colour to the world. Something I’m not normally good at. I prefer a minimal and natural kind of vibe. My photos are either on a white background or a wooden one. So, making things more colourful isn’t exactly my vibe. But the #cs_colourmyworld hashtag […]

Creatively Content: #cs_mealsinmotion

I didn’t really take part in last week’s Creatively Squared challenge in the end. I took a few photos early on but wasn’t happy enough to post them. Which is why I almost didn’t write my weekly Creatively Content post. The #cs_mealsinmotion hashtag was all about trying to get the idea of motion […]

Creatively Content: #cs_farmtotable

 I had so much fun food styling last week that I decided to keep going with the weekly Creatively Squared challenge again. This week was all about celebrating fresh food. The brief was to show the journey that our food takes from being picked to being cooked. The #cs_farmtotable hashtag really put fruit […]

Creatively Content: Week 6 #cs_comfortzone

Sometimes these Creatively Squared challenges are harder to interpret than others. As it was #cs_comfortzone the challenge summary encouraged everyone to step out of their comfort zone. So, I tried to do just that. Until I realised that people other people weren’t really going down this road. In fact, this more than […]