Tuesday Review – Ordinary Love (2019)

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ordinary_love_poster5_star_rating_system_4_and_a_half_stars In December 2019, I listened to an episode of Mark Kermode’s podcast where he was talking to Lesley Manville and Edgar Wright. I’ll admit, I was mostly listening because of Edgar Wright but I’ll never be upset to hear from Lesley Manville. She’s an amazing actor and generally just seems wonderful. She was talking about the release of her new film and it sounded amazing. Terribly sad, obviously, but amazing. In her interview, Mandville told Mark Kermode that the film embraced the humour within the story and brought the humanity to the fore. I never got around to watching it when it came out but I was always interested in seeing it. It’s probably not the most uplifting thing to be watching during the Coronavirus pandemic but Lesley Manville promised that it wouldn’t be all doom and gloom. I feel like I can trust her.

Tuesday Review – Marriage Story (2019)

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marriagestoryposter 5_star_rating_system_5_stars Had I not been struck down with festive flu last week, I had planned to write a post about the things I liked and disliked about the latest Star Wars film. One of those things was Adam Driver and his Kylo Ren oversized sweater vibes. It was hot. It’s probably not the right thing to take away from The Rise of Skywalker but the casual Kylo Ren vibe is everything. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always believed Adam Driver was a beautiful man but his appearance in the last quarter of the film is insane. It was one of the first things my friend and I discussed upon leaving the showing. And it was something we both needed after watching him in Marriage Story. There’s nothing like showing two beautiful people going through a messy divorce to make them instantly unappealing. It feels like we’ve been hearing about marriage story for years and the wait has only increased my expectations and excitement for it. On paper, it had everything it needed to be great and provide Netflix with another Oscar contender. Even though I’ve never been the biggest Scarlett Johansson fan, I was excited to see how these two actors would work together. And I love me some Laura Dern and Noah Baumbach. It’s one of those cases where something would have needed to go horribly horribly wrong for not to enjoy it. But, let’s not forget, this is Netflix…

Tuesdays Reviews – Happy Anniversary (2018)

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0ca1ac12bd78720ba47a2e2317623adba482c5ec5_star_rating_system_3_stars There are loads of amazing films coming out soon and I’m desperate to see them all. The only trouble is finding time to see them. These days I don’t get to the cinema as often as I’d like. It’s why I have to review older films and Netflix originals in my Tuesday posts so often. Not that I’m really complaining. There were so many films I missed last year that I feel like I need to watch and I’m always hopeful that Netflix will create a truly wonderful film. So far I’ve not been completely impressed by their film outputs but they’ve been getting better. The so-called comedies have been a huge letdown but their more intimate portrayals of people’s lives have fared better. Kodachrome wasn’t perfect but it was the best Netflix film I’ve seen since Okja. The trailer for their latest film kept popping up on my feed as something they obviously thought I’d enjoy. And I can see why. I’ve not seen a great deal of Ben Schwartz’s back catalogue but, as a huge fan of Parks and Rec, am always a little excited to find out he’s in something. Plus, this film looked super adorable and the plot looked interesting and simple. And, the best thing of all, it didn’t star Adam DeVine. Massive bonus.