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TBT – The Green Lantern (2011)

92724a64abf2f94ba4456c9c26be95a45_star_rating_system_1_starย On Tuesday I reviewedย Shazam!ย a DC film starring Mark Strong. So, what film could I possibly watch for this Throwback Thursday post? How about a DC film starring Mark Strong? Especially as it’s considered to be one of the worst superhero movies of all time. It even has a lower rating thanย X-Men Origins. Of course, they both star Ryan Reynolds. Untilย Deadpool was finally released, it seemed as though that guy just wasn’t going to make the superhero thing work. On the plus side, it isn’t the worst the film in DC history.ย Catwoman andย Jonah Hex will forever beat anything and then there’s Joel Schumacher’s reign of terror. But, certainly,ย Green Lantern has to be one of the biggest missteps in comic book movie history. It’s just become an easy joke. Something that Ryan Reynolds is more than happy to join in with as evidenced byย that line inย Deadpool.ย  I guess something good finally did come out of this film.

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