Tuesday Review – Just Mercy (2019)

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just_mercy_official_poster5_star_rating_system_4_stars1 Did you see the super cringe “I Take Responsibility” video that the NACCP made starring several Hollywood actors. It was well-meaning, yes, but another kind of mis-judged entry to the “we’re all in this together” folder. The video is just tone-deaf and completely misunderstands what people need to hear right now. This is a time when a lot of people are angry and they don’t need a bunch of actors showcasing their white guilt for all to see. God knows, Hollywood has an awful lot to do to make up for their lack of representation for Black actors. It’s going to take more than just Stanley Tucci and Julianne Moore getting all actory in a black and white video. Thankfully, to counter this, several films have been made free to stream in the US. One of them is this 2019 film that lays bare the prejudice that exists at the heart of American law enforcement. It only felt right to watch it for my review this week.

Throwback Thirty – The Accused (1988)

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220px-accused_ver25_star_rating_system_3_and_a_half_stars Today was the end of my working week and I’m absolutely exhausted. I got home from work and just collapsed. So, my aim is to get through this review and get tucked up in bed at an obscenely early time. Especially as this was such an emotionally draining film so I can’t imagine that writing this is going to be the most fun I’ve ever had. I’d heard about this film before this week, obviously, but I’d never seen it. As I’ve made perfectly clear on this blog, I’m very wary of the way sexual assault is used in the entertainment industry. There are countless rants available that make my point very clear. It’s a difficult and important subject that needs to be handled correctly. When it isn’t it has the potential to damage so many people. So, going into this film I was already anxious about the key scene and how it would depict the event that is so key to the film’s narrative. But, given this is the film that won Jodie Foster an Oscar for Best Actress, I didn’t feel as though I could ignore it in this series.