Throwback Thirty – A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

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tumblr_o857m055t51tqyfuro2_r1_5005_star_rating_system_4_and_a_half_stars My two sisters and I are all very different people. Not in a bad way but we have always had pretty separate interests. I’m not saying we never overlapped but as we grew up we all found our interests going in different directions. As such, I’ve never really been one of those younger sisters who went too far with trying to copy their elder siblings. Although, there was one thing my oldest sister had that I was desperate to steal for myself. She owned some classic films on VHS. There were two in particular that I would borrow/try to steal on a regular basis. One of them was Some Like It Hot and the second was A Fish Called Wanda. When I was younger, I remember seeing the clip of Kevin Kline stuck in concrete shouting “I’m sorry I ate your fish” on some sort of greatest comedy films ever rundown show. I didn’t know the context of it but I knew I needed to see this film. So, when I found out that Sarah owned one I decided it was my mission to take possession of it. I’m not sure I ever managed to keep the VHS but I never stopped loving this film. So I was beyond thrilled to pick its name out of my TBT film jar for this week.