Tuesday Review – Little Women (2019)

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There are a lot of reasons why the Oscar nominations this year were disappointing. The lack of diversity is ridiculous. And to anyone out there claiming “it’s about talent not diversity” I say you’re missing the fucking point. In an ideal world, yes, the people who deserved to win prizes would be nominated for those prizes. But this isn’t an ideal world. The Oscar voting system is flawed. Each member of the Academy, over 8,000 voters, can nominate any 5 names in their given category. The votes are then tallied until you get a top 5. Now we know that films by female directors and films starring diverse casts aren’t given the stage they need. They are buried by the bigger studios who have decided that it is male directors and white actors who bring in the big bucks. With such a wide ocean of voters, the system does nothing to work around the bias. It’s a stupid system and, before we can have an awards season that truly celebrates quality, it needs to be looked at. Until then, it’s just become something we expect. The lack of female directors is shocking and the fact that people reply to it with “but there are more male directors” just proves my point. We don’t get to see films made by women. So, when they are released, nobody goes to see them. Of course, the thousands of members of the Academy aren’t going to give a shit about Céline Sciamma, Lulu Wang, or Lorene Scafaria. But Greta? She was to be our saviour. All these women deserved better but Greta was done wrong.