Book Review – Peter Pan: An Audible Original Drama

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61j65eixr2l._sl500_5_star_rating_system_4_stars1 Peter Pan is one of those magical stories that will always appeal to readers. Everyone can understand that desire to never grow up. Children feel it and grown-ups wish they could go back to that time. What I wouldn’t give to not have responsibilities and concerns. To live on a magical island and fighting pirates. It sounds like a lot more fun than sitting in a weekly meeting having the same conversation over and over again. So, I was delighted to discover that Audible was giving its members a free adaptation of J.M. Barries’ famous play/book for Christmas this year. Especially one with an all-star cast of voice actors. I decided that it was just the thing to snuggle up with yesterday for my audiobook of that week.

Book Review – Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

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img_1629-01833591087549216435.jpeg5_star_rating_system_4_stars1 What is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Treasure Island? It’s pretty obvious that it’s the Muppets, right? When I think of Long John Silver it’s Tim Curry who comes to mind first. And why wouldn’t he? He’s perfect in the role. That whole film is perfect and it just goes to prove my theory that every book adaptation is better with the Muppets. I’d love to see loads of books get the Muppet treatment. Something super dark too. Like The Picture of Dorian Gray. Imagine that. Kermit can be Dorian meaning Miss Piggy can be Sibyl. Then Fozzie would be the perfect Basil. You’d have to have a human playing Lord Henry cause none of the Muppets is mean enough. But I think this will work. It could be amazing. But I feel like I’m getting majorly off-topic.