TBT – Save the Last Dance (2001)

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So, anyone who has read my Tuesday Review of the Netflix original film Work It will know that I was in two minds about what to watch for my TBT review this week. Part of me wanted to watch Save the Last Dance and the other wanted me to watch Bring It On. Turns out, it’s really hard to track down a copy of Bring It On at the last minute. At least at a price that feels worth it. Julia Stiles as a hip hop ballerina. It’s a film that I haven’t watched in a really long time, so I don’t really know where the desire to watch it came from. I guess I just really missed Julia Stiles.

Tuesday Review – Work It (2020)

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Each week I have to decide which movies that I watch and some weeks are harder than others. I tend to pick something to review on Tuesday first and then try and base the TBT film around that. I like it if they have a common theme but am willing to mix things up for a special occasion (like last week’s unexpected Scott Pilgrim repeat). This week, however, I mixed things up even more. I was looking through Netflix for inspiration and was all set to watch The Peanut Butter Falcon. Then I saw the new Netflix original dance film. I knew that it would be terrible but, in it’s unoriginal concept, I saw the perfect opportunity to watch a film that I suddenly had a massive desire to watch. If I sat through this silly teen romp, then I would be able to watch Save the Last Dance. I hadn’t thought about that film for a long time but, apparently, I’ve been longing to watch it. So, I went for it. Of course, now I also have a desire to watch Bring It On, which means the question of my TBT is still up in the air. So, that’ll be a nice surprise for you. Unlike the narrative of Work It.