TBT Review – Hancock (2008)

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

When I first head about this film I thought it sounded shit. That’s mostly because a friend of mine described it to me and he didn’t do a very good job. It didn’t help that I just associated Will Smith with bad films thanks to the likes of Hitch. So, I didn’t want to watch it. Cut to a few years later and another friend telling me to watch it. This time, I trusted his opinion and gave it a shot. I didn’t hate it but I can’t pretend that it’s a film I’ve thought a lot about since. Until it appeared on my Netflix home screen the other day. Then I got the sudden urge to watch it again. As it’s been a while since my last TBT, I decided it was worth going back to it. Maybe it would make more of an impression this time?

Oscars Week Review – Bombshell (2019)

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bombshell_poster5_star_rating_system_3_stars I had to Google John Lithgow after watching Jay Roach’s film depicting the story about the women who exposed Fox News’ CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. Why did I Google him? Because it’s been a long time that I haven’t seen him in a fat suit. What with him playing Winston Churchill in The Crown and then playing Ailes, John Lithgow must have spent a lot of time in a make-up trailer. Bombshell has been nominated for Best Hair and Make-Up. It’s not an award that I usually pay much attention to because who am I to say what is good or not? But Bombshell is in another world. Not only did I legitimately think that John Lithgow had piled on loads of weight but Charlize Theron does not look like Charlize Theron. If she didn’t have such a distinctive and sultry voice, I’d never have known it was her. Who are these make-up magicians? Given them a fucking Oscar and be done with it.

Tuesday Review – The Addams Family (2019)

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The_Addams_Family_(2019_film)[1]5_star_rating_system_2_stars When we were children, our local newsagent used to rent films on VHS. On one of the occasions that my sister and I got to pick, we chose Addams Family Values and I loved it. I don’t know how many times we rented it but there were definitely multiple viewings. At the time, I didn’t really consider how super dark that film was. Obviously, I didn’t. I was a child. But going back to it as an adult is weird. It’s still a great film but there’s a lot of darkness. I mean Joan Cusack gets electrocuted by a baby. It’s all a lot of fun but it’s quite a lot for a children’s film, right? And who doesn’t immediately think of Anjelica Huston’s portrayal of Morticia? Surely it’s not right for someone to be quite so sexy in a family film? So, the announcement that there was going to be a new film was one of interest but fear. We know from Addams Family Reunion that bringing this family back is not always a sure thing.

Tuesday Review – Long Shot (2019

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long-shot-600x9135_star_rating_system_3_and_a_half_stars I have to admit that I normally roll my eyes at romantic-comedies. I just get pretty bored with them. It’s always the same thing. Boy meets girl who is way out of his league. Boy tries to win girl but doesn’t. Girl eventually realises that boy is perfect for her. Boy gets girl. Urgh just thinking about it is making my eyes roll. I haven’t always been like this. As a youngster I loved romantic-comedies. I definitely liked Richard Curtis films ways more than they deserved. Obviously, anything starring John Cusack was more than okay with me. And I definitely spent many a sleepover watching whatever 90s/00s chick flick was all the rage. But I’ve grown up a lot since then and I find the whole thing pretty dodgy these days. Some of them break through and do something different. Most of them are just guff. I mean just look at how many romantic-comedies Netflix are churning out these days. They’re essentially the same film but with characters of different ages, ethnicities, and genders. And, if I’m honest, I thought Long Shot was going to be another forgettable piece of nonsense.