Bookish Post: Book Blogger Memory Challenge

I’m going to be honest, my reading this week has been appalling. Supper Club was slow going so I bought another book that I hoped I’d get through in no time. Then I stopped sleeping properly and stopped getting anywhere. So, it’s Wednesday and I don’t have a new book to review. I’d also planned on writing a review of one of my favourite books but I’m so tired. I’ve just not had the energy to do anything tonight. Well, except for giving my blog a quick makeover. I’m not sure what I think about this theme but I am loving my new Motherbooker logo. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for ages and I finally got to the point where I just had to stop thinking and do it. It’s simple but I like it. The problem is, it doesn’t help me decide what I’m going to post tonight. So, I saw this book tag on Naty’s Bookshelf recently and, as I have no other plan, this seems like a good choice. Although, I have an abysmal memory. I’ve genuinely forgotten most of my childhood. The more my family talks about the past, the more I think I was actually adopted or something.

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Book Review – Heartstream by Tom Pollock

img_0676-012924493190472698180.jpeg5_star_rating_system_2_and_a_half_stars I picked up this book because it claimed to be perfect for fans of Black Mirror. Now, being a fan of all things Charlie Brooker, I decided to give it a go. I mean, it calls itself a “taut psychological thriller about obsession, fame and betrayal”. How can you ignore claims like that? When I picked it up, I hadn’t realised that it was a YA book. I’d not read anything from Tom Pollock and I never really look into the books that sound interesting to me. So, I started reading what I thought was an adult book and I hated it. I thought it was super shit. Then I realised who this book was intended for and I realised I had to look at it differently. Turns out, once I lowered my expectations, I found it much easier to read this book and I got through it super quickly.

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Bookish Post – July Reading Wrap-Up


Apparently I didn’t do a monthly wrap-up last month. God knows why. Although, I did do a Mid-Year Rundown last month. A quick look back on the best and worst books I’ve read in the first half of this year.

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Book Review – The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

img_0648-011156944446969006480.jpeg 5_star_rating_system_4_stars1 I made a huge mistake last night. I made the decision to carry on reading until I finished this book. I just couldn’t put it off any longer. It meant I went to bed super late and was an absolute mess this morning. I emailed a colleague thinking he was a customer. It wasn’t a massive thing but it could just have easily have been the other way round. Nobody should have to answer emails before noon. And then, to add insult to injury, I had a 45-minute phone call with a customer. Thankfully, it wasn’t a bad one but it went on too long. She wanted me to sort somethings out for her and insisted on waiting on the line as I did it. As we all know, doing your job whilst someone is hovering always makes it impossible so it was a bit of a nightmare. So, I had a dodgy start to the day. But the rest of it went okay. And at least I didn’t have to worry about finishing the book for tonight’s post.

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Book Review – The Pine Islands by Marion Poschmann

9781788160919_25_star_rating_system_4_stars1 I stumbled across this whilst browsing in a bookshop. I read the back and was instantly hooked. It sounded absolutely perfect and everything I wanted to read. So, I bought a copy. Like any normal human being, right? Apparently not. At least not according to the people on GoodReads. Whilst updating my status with this book the other day I saw something that really irritated me so I’m going to have a quick rant before I get on with my review.

I would never have read this novel if it weren’t for the Booker International longlist – I’d already seen the blurb a few months earlier and decided the book wasn’t for me. After the longlist was announced, I requested and received an ARC of The Pine Islands, direct from a very nice member of staff at the publisher

So, you had already rejected a book because it wasn’t for you but then it nearly won a prize. Then you demanded a copy of it for free, knowing that, in all likelihood, you weren’t going to enjoy it that much. What the hell kind of entitlement is that? This is the kind of shit that gives all bloggers a bad name. Like the people who went into a restaurant and demanded a free meal in exchange for a review. It’s pathetic. The fact that this person also appears to be the kind of person who uses their reviews to let everyone know that they’re more intelligent than you. I mean, it’s GoodReads for fuck’s sake. If the review goes on more than 5 paragraphs it’s too much. Anyway, as you can tell it put me in a huge mood. So, I’d better get on with the reason I’m here.

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Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read


How has your week been? What have you been reading?

Urgh, back to work tomorrow. How has this week gone by so quickly? I’ve had a really lovely week though. I’ve seen friends, spent time with my family, and just relaxed. I’ve also had a stressful time trying to find a dress for a wedding next week. I hate shopping for an occasion. It’s all so stressful and sizes don’t make any sense. What is it with clothes companies not factoring in people with larger chests? According to the first result on Google, the average bra size in the UK is 36DD. So, why are we still making clothes assuming that it’s still 34B? It doesn’t make sense. In order to get a good fit on the top, I have to suffer through a larger lower half. I hate it. And I’ve bought so many different dresses this week. All our delivery men and my local post office must think I’m insane with the number of parcels I get and send back.

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Mid-Year Rundown


It’s July. We’re officially halfway through 2019. Well, really we’re over halfway through the year. The exact halfway point was 3rd July but let’s not focus on that for now. Instead, let’s take a look at how the year has gone so far. Earlier this month I was informed that I had managed to pass my 2019 GoodReads‘ reading goal. I’d set myself a fairly easy task of 30 books because last year I only just managed to get beyond that. 2018 was a dreadful year full of reading slumps and long books. So, I certainly never expected to reach my goal quite so quickly. I’ve decided to increase my target to 50 which, based on the rate I’m going, should be fine. But, who knows when the next slump will hit.

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Book Review – If Cats Disappeared From The World by Genki Kawamura

img_0220-014622480142293220687.jpeg5_star_rating_system_4_stars1 I saw this book in a bookshop a month ago and immediately wanted to read it. But, considering my TBR list is so huge, I decided against it. Until a few weeks later when I couldn’t resist anymore and bought a cheap copy. I couldn’t wait to start reading it. As soon as I’d done with Love, Nina I did it. And, if I hadn’t already passed my GoodReads challenge score, it would have been a perfect read. I finished it in 3 days, which for me is kind of miraculous. Does it help that I’m on holiday this week? Certainly but let’s not take away from my achievements.

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Book Review – Love Nina by Nina Stibbe

dscn9688-013029064272233136979.jpeg5_star_rating_system_4_stars1 I’m an avid listener of the Adam Buxton podcast. I love hearing his rambly chats with people and, I’ve found, that it’s a pretty good thing to listen to at work. A few weeks ago, Adam was talking to author Nina Stibbe. Before that point, I’d never read anything by Stibbe but I knew of her. She seemed like such a lovely person that I picked up a copy of her book Love Nina. I had meant to watch the BBC adaptation a while ago but, because I never watch normal TV, I never got round to it. It’s something I definitely want to watch now that I’ve finished the book. I do have to admit that, thanks to my knowledge of the show, I kept imagining Mary-Kay as Helena Bonham Carter and Nina as Faye Marsay.

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Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read


How has your week been? What have you been reading?

So, I’m writing this Sunday rundown on Thursday night before I head down to London. As I write this I haven’t seen Hamilton but as you read this I will have done. As such, I’ll pretend it’s Sunday and give you my feedback. Oh my god! It was so amazing! I have no words to describe just how good it was! It’s an experience I’ll never forget! I mean, the chances of me not enjoying it are pretty slim. I know it’ll be weird without the voices I’m used to hearing on the soundtrack but seeing it all happen in front of my eyes will be amazing.

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