Friday Favourites: Instagram Special

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img_1116-018887952933539351697.jpeg What’s this? Am I abusing my new Friday Favourites system to shamelessly plug my Instagram account? Yes, it might seem like that. Because it’s what’s happening. However, I was really happy with my Halloween themed photos. Last year I had a lot of fun with my Halloween photos and this year I wanted to carry on the tradition. And this year I discovered the joy of spray blood. It was a bloody revelation. So, I got a bit carried away but I like the results. And you know the Instagram algorithm. Nobody saw them. I’m probably a bit biased because I know what these looked like before. All of the blood was sprayed onto separate pieces of paper and then I had to edit the paper out. It was fiddly and time-consuming but I think the results are quite effective.

Creatively Content: Week 7 #cs_inthemood

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dscn9696-01-01-017739245687225524509.jpegThis might end up being a quick one tonight. In fact, this whole week might be a bit off because today my sister gave birth to her first child. She wasn’t due until next weekend and we were all kind of convinced she’d be late So, this has knocked us all for six really. But I’ll try to keep up with my schedule. And I’m starting off with last week’s Creatively Squared challenge. It was all about using lighting to create mood in the #cs_inthemood hashtag. To be honest, I wasn’t really in the mood for this tag so I didn’t go about it with the same gusto as normal. My mood is normally calm and clean, which I knew wouldn’t go down well with everyone in the community.

Creatively Content: Week 7 #cs_chasethesun

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dscn9696-01-01-017739245687225524509.jpegSo the Creatively Squared challenges have had a bit of an overhaul this month. From now on, each month will feature a specific topic and each week there will be a challenge based on that topic. June is all about lighting and how you can use it to change your photos. To start us off, we were encouraged to have fun with sunlight under the #cs_chasethesun hashtag. I always shoot using natural light but I do admit to editing the fuck out of my photos. It’s because I’m currently shooting on two very messy pieces of white cardboard so I need to do a lot of work to get it clean again. I don’t do much other than making the background a bit whiter but my photos always do have a slightly artificial look about them. So, I had to find a way to approach this that would mean avoiding my dirty backdrop.

Creatively Content: Week 4 #cs_thelifeofpages



You know I love books. I’ve been photographing books since 2014. It’s my weird little hobby. It gives me something to do with my spare time at least. So, when this week’s Creatively Squared challenge was #cs_thelifeofpages I was beyond pleased. But then I decided I couldn’t spend the week just doing what I normally did. What would be the point? These challenges are supposed to be a way to improve my skills and help me become a better content creator. And, as my engagement is proving, it’s probably something that needs work! So, I decided to try and have a play with Photoshop. Something that I’m trying to practice with a bit more. I’ve still only got basic skills but I think I did okay.