Alexis Marie Chute Expecting Sunshine Cover Reveal Game


Alexis Marie Chute Expecting Sunshine 2nd Edition memoir book yellow door GAME 01

Back in 2018 I was approached by author Alexis Marie Chute to help in the cover reveal of her first novel Above the Star. I thought the book sounded right up my street so I jumped at the chance to help. When I got my chance to read the it I wasn’t disappointed. It was an original fantasy novel that really got to the heart of its characters. I was obsessed with the fictional world of the book and I can’t wait for the rest of the trilogy to be released. I have also been lucky enough to work with Alexis again to help promote her other work Expecting Sunshine. In the book, Chute takes us on her pregnancy journey in the wake of losing a child. Miscarriage and childloss affect plenty of people but there remains a stigma around it. I’ve known friends and family suffer because of it and been clueless about how best to help. Alexis’ book sheds the light on what it was like for her and, in the latest edition, her husband. It acts as a guide to those in similar situations and offers comfort and support. So, to celebrate the new edition, Alexis has launched a competition that you can take part in.