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So, you may have noticed that last week I failed to upload my weekly rundown. That was because I was in Scotland this time last week with my family. Sunday 20th August was a very special day so we booked a few days in a cottage in South West Scotland. It’s the part of the country that my grandfather was originally from so we’ve been on more than a few holidays there. It’s safe to say it’s a special part of the world for us so it was the perfect place to celebrate. The Sunday marked the 40th anniversary of my parents’ marriage and a year since my older sister got married. Whilst it may still freak me out that my sister picked the same day to get married, it was a nice coincidence that both big occasions fell on the same day. So as you can imagine it was a busy weekend and, by the time I got back on Monday, I was far too exhausted to post anything. However, what I lacked in blog updates I had more than made up for in reading. I found my groove again on holiday and have been steadily making my through my books. I guess finding myself in a cottage with no internet access and no computer really forced me to get back to basics. I’m pleased to say that I’ve, kind of, kept up with it since I’ve been back but, I have to admit, the lure of TV and internet shopping have distracted me somewhat.

Currently Reading

  • Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
I did a bit of Jane Austen reading whilst I was in Scotland but, if I’m honest, I focused mainly on 7th Function because I’m so desperate to finish it. I think I’m enjoying rereading this but it’s possible that, in my head, Elinor is actually Emma Thompson. I love the film version so much that I think I retrospectively love the book more. It’s also not the worst Austen book out there I guess.
  • The 7th Function of Language by Laurent Binet
On the first real day of our Scotland trip my mother and I were left to our own devices when the rest of the fam abandoned us in favour of a stupid football match. When we were forced back inside due to averse weather conditions, I managed to get through 100 pages of this book. That’s probably more than I’ve read the rest of the month combined. I’m not obsessed with finishing and hope to do it either tonight or tomorrow if I’m lucky. Then I can finally read something new. It’ll be amazing.

Recently Purchased 
  • It by Stephen King

This was one of those books that I just bought on a whim when I was at the supermarket the other day and it was because of the cover. I normally hate film tie-in covers (as I’ve bitched about on Instagram earlier this month) but the cover that accompanies the new adaptation of this Stephen King classic is so well done. It’s very simple and there are just two great pops of colour. I couldn’t resist it.

  • The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
So, we all know that this is THE book of the moment but I was avoiding buying it until I had read a few more of my TBR books. That was until I saw it on offer at the supermarket. Two new books for £7? Who can walk away from that kind of deal? Not me. Anyway, I’m super excited to get into this one as I’ve literally only heard great things about it. It sounds tremendous and right up my street. Plus, any book with a quite from Barack Obama on the cover has got to be worth a look.

  • One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus
I know I’m probably setting myself up for a disappointment here because my track record with popular YA fiction just isn’t great. Still, I’ve always liked the idea of this. It sounds like The Breakfast Club meets Agatha Christie or something. It’s probably going to be full of reference to the John Hughes film that will annoy me as well as the over reliance on nostalgia that YA is full of. However, I’m willing to give it a chance because, I imagine, it won’t take me long to read.

Recently Watched 
  • Netflix Binges: Veep, Black Books
Now TV is just my favourite thing right now. I do miss Netflix, especially when I realised that I never finished the first season of Designated Survivor and whenever I see a promo for The Defenders, but there is so much choice here. The amount of great British comedy and shity reality TV on offer is fantastic. I almost definitely will go back to Netflix soon but, for now at least, I’m sticking here. I mean I’ve finally finished Veep after thinking about it for years and with Westworld on there I can cross that off the list. Currently I’m revisiting Black Books for the millionth time and it’s still fabulous.

  • Dunkirk
Watched this to prove my sister’s boyfriend wrong about his criticism. Read more about my pettiness and Christopher Nolan’s film in my Tuesday review.
  • Saving Private Ryan
The war film to change all war films… apparently. I’ve never felt the love for this film that most people do. So I decided to rewatch it for my TBT review. And, to be honest, I’m always up for watching that D-Day landings sequence. It’s fucking exquisite.

  • Despicable Me 3
I needed something to watch for next weeks Tuesday review because, in all likelihood, I won’t be ready to review 7th Function yet. It’s always good to have a back-up.

Tuesday’s Reviews – The Fireman by Joe Hill

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I’ve been ill the last few days so have basically been in bed since Sunday. Until today I’d barely spoken to another human being and have simply had the people on Netflix to keep me company. I’d love to say that I used my time to get some reading done but, I was so tired, I found it difficult to concentrate on the words on the page. I’m only a few chapters into The 7th Function of Language but I’m really looking forward to getting further. One of my most anticipated works for 2017. Hopefully, I’ll get my reading groove back and finish it soon. God know’s it’s taking me long enough to get to the end of novels these days. Although, I have finally finished another book and it only took me about 3 weeks. That still feels like far too long but it was a bloody long book. It average out as 40 pages a day, which still doesn’t feel like enough to me. How do people get into the habit of reading? I always find myself getting into a Netflix spiral and realising it’s far too late to start reading. And I don’t read at work because there are always too many people in the staff room. Anyway, the fact is I finished something and that is reason to celebrate. I always have another book to review and I’ve decided I need to include more book reviews on this blog. I am a badass Motherbooker after all.

You know, I feel kind of bad for Joe Hill. Not only has he, in only 3 novels, set himself up to be a big name in the future of horror fiction but he has done so having Stephen King as his father. You can imagine how often his books are compared to the ones his dad has released. I have even found myself guilty of describing this book as his version of The Stand. It’s a stupid and really unhelpful way to do as, despite sharing genes, the two have very different styles. Both are hugely talented writers but take on the horror genre in their own way. Hill is approaching from a more modern and creative way than the classic style his father has always favoured. So, this will be the last time that I mention King in this review. Well, hopefully the last time. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

I have had my eye on The Fireman for a while now but, having seen how fucking huge the hardback is, I kept putting it off. Still, I needed something to read on my way back from London and only had my Kindle. It was the one eBook that I really wanted to read and I’m glad I did. Despite being an epic novel, The Fireman hardly ever felt like much of slog. It is based around the fantastic premise that a spore has been created that eventually causes people to die when they spontaneously burst into flame. It’s a horrifying idea that quickly leads to an utter breakdown of society. Those infected with ‘dragonscale’, as it is universally known, find themselves covered in black and gold markings making it impossible to hide. The rest of society become scared and eventually “cremation crews” start rounding up and disposing of the unclean. Those who are infected must do everything they can to survive… at least until they set on fire anyway.

The story follows a twenty-something nurse, Harper, who tries to use her talents to help people at the start of the outbreak. She is a kind, caring and sweet young woman who is a bit too obsessed with Mary Poppins and Disney films. She is happily married to Jakob, a writer, until the moment she first spots evidence of the spore. Instead of ending her life as she and Jakob had initially agreed to, Harper chooses to survive once she learns she is pregnant. Unfortunately, Jakob  has succumbed to the hysteria that has also infected society and decides Harper must die. Thankfully, the heroic Fireman, a mythical figure who has gained a reputation for saving the infected, gets Harper to the safety of a commune for the infected. But she finds herself getting herself into more danger as she gets closer to her due date.

The Fireman is one of those frustrating novels that gets you hooked on how well written and exciting the premise is. Hill manages to create the massive effects of the apocalypse in a quick and efficient way. He approaches it in a way that “normal” people probably would and shows us the horrors using public figures and celebrities. It’s easy to understand the enormity of the issue when you see JK Rowling getting shot, George Clooney bursting into flames and the White House burning down. The The only problem is, the rest of the novel tends to crawl along as the scope of what Hill is trying gets a bit out of control. Part of me loves that he doesn’t follow the traditional post-apocalyptic theme and spends a lot of time staying in one place. However, it could be a bit tighter and the ending could have been a little less obvious. Fairly early on, you know where the novel is going to end up but it takes so fucking long to get there.

Which would be fine if the characters were compelling enough to make it easy to ignore. Hill masterfully juggles a whole host of players in his line-up but none of them really make much of an impact. The titular Fireman has his moments but you never quite see why he deserves everyone’s love and respect. Then there’s Harper who quickly becomes an annoying parody and is far too repetitive. I spent most of the time wishing she could stand up for herself and show some real fire. She is a follower despite how much she tries to be a leader. I find it highly unlikely that she would have survived the situations she finds herself in. She, like Hill, is too preoccupied with her pop culture references to always grasp the true nature of the apocalypse in front of her.

However, I ultimately enjoyed The Fireman and, despite a fairly underwhelming ending, I enjoyed the lack of neat conclusion. Compared to something like The Road, Hill manages to give us constant glimpses of hope and love even in the end of days. There is always a glimmer of light along the way but that doesn’t mean that there should be a contrived and final ending. He is Stephen King’s son after all…. ah fuck.

TBT – Finders Keepers by Stephen King

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Today has been so bloody hot again that I’ve done so little. I can’t focus on anything. I could easily have written this hours ago but, once again, we’re fast approaching the time at which I need to be asleep to function for my 7am start tomorrow and I’m finishing the damn thing. It’s not as if I can’t keep to a deadline I’m just in this hot weather haze where the idea of doing anything other than watch Netflix seems too taxing. I spent some time trying to organise my room and nearly fell off a step ladder earlier. It’s just one of those days. The thing I’ve done best at today is spent money on clothes that I really didn’t need. I mean I really really wanted them but I definitely didn’t need them. After that, I’ve been fairly successful at reading. It’s amazing how easy it’s become now I’m reading a book I actually want to pick up. His Bloody Project may be the only Man Booker Prize nominated book I’ve read but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be my favourite. Oh, what a difference it is to that End of Watch. I kind of wish I could get my time back from Stephen King after reading his Bill Hodges trilogy. You know, add up the minutes, take them off his life and put them onto mine. It only seems fair. That final book was ridiculous. Although, they kind of all were.

Tuesday’s Reviews – End of Watch by Stephen King

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I know it’s getting to be a habit that I start every post by telling you I intended to write about another topic but I genuinely had plans to write about something else today. After finally watching Suicide Squad last week I had decided it was time to watch Batman vs Superman. I meant to watch it this weekend. I even tracked down a copy. It was the fucking ultimate edition and everything. With over 30 extra minutes of Zack Synder nonsense! However, when it came down to it, the idea of a whopping 3 hours of shit like The Man of Steel but with added Batfleck and Khal Drogo just didn’t appeal. So, in celebration of finally finishing this book after weeks of trying, I decided to give you my thoughts on the final part of Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy. Mainly because I can’t find one person on the internet who doesn’t absolutely fucking love it. And, more mysteriously if you ask me, nobody is bemoaning the use of present tense which is still super annoying to read in. It utterly mystifies me. I mean, did King actually write these as film scripts but decide it was better to get them as novels first? It sounds so childish. Like the kind of shit you’d write in primary school but with actual punctuation and symbolism and shit.


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I feel like I’m never going to get over this cold. I’m getting sick of feeling sorry for myself and being so melodramatic all the time. However, I swear that my head has been full of concrete for the past few days. It’s the kind of cold that kids me into thinking I’m okay when I first wake up but comes back with a vengeance as the day goes on. It doesn’t help that the kitchen has been fucking boiling lately. I honestly dream of getting a job that doesn’t require me to work in a similar environment to Satan himself. How long until the comforting chill of Winter? Seriously, I need to get my knitwear out. This sun is doing nothing for me anymore.

Just Finished
  • End of Watch by Stephen King

Finally finished this book this morning and I feel free! I realise that this isn’t the worst novel that Stephen King has written or will ever write. However, I think the massive change of direction in the final piece of the trilogy is just unnecessary. If we’d had paranormal elements through the previous books it would be fine but to suddenly change from crime thrillers to this was just odd.

Recently Purchased

  • The Night Manager by John LeCarre
Despite it boasting Tom Hiddleston in various states of undress, I never watched the BBC’s adaptation of John LeCarre’s The Night Manager. I’ve actually not read any of his books but, as he’s one of my father’s favourite writers, have always felt that I should. So, when Waterstones released an image of their beautiful special edition of this book I couldn’t stop myself. You’ll no doubt see it on my Instagram as soon as it arrives because it is a thing of beauty. I don’t even care if I read it or not.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (Penguin Modern Classics Edition)
Back in 2014, Penguin released this Modern Classics version of Dahl’s famous children’s book and there was much controversy around it. The cover photo showed a young girl in heavy make-up that many people declared was too sexual and creepy. Yes, the picture is creepy but I never understood the massive outcry surrounding it. I think. as Penguin stated, the cover highlights the darkness and creepiness that is always bubbling under the surface of Dahl’s novels. I loved the cover and vowed to get my hands on it asap. When it got to the release, I wasn’t quite as passionate and it’s taken until now to finally come good on my promise. 
  • Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Sci-fi isn’t really a genre that I tend to read too much of despite how much I love films and TV shows in that area. I tend to find that the bad ones are so bad that it puts me off. However, I was so intrigued by the sounds of this Arthur C Clarke Award winner that I tried desperately to track it down in my local bookshops. As I mentioned in this week’s top 10 list, it turns out this was a much more difficult task than I’d anticipated so I turned to Amazon to help me out. Hopefully this can open me up to a world of books that I generally avoid. 

Recently Watched
  • Suicide Squad
Didn’t think I’d ever watch this film. I did. And I reviewed it on Tuesday.
  • See No Evil, Hear No Evil
When it came to my TBT this week I decided that I wanted to honour Gene Wilder by watching one of his comedies. Unfortunately, as I’m still feeling ill and exhausted, I lacked the will-power to track down a copy of one of the good ones. Maybe I’ll try a better one this week?

Top 10 WEN-sday – Top 10 Books I’d Rather Be Reading Than End of Watch

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I’m currently still reading the final book in Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy, End of Watch, and I’m hating every moment of it. I can’t wait to finish it and, I have to be honest, I’ve looked ahead to find out how it ends. It’s not great but I’ve spent so much time on it that I feel like I have to finish. This always happens to me, I start a book and try so hard to finish it that I just keep going despite knowing it won’t be any good. Obviously, as I’m struggling to read it not only makes it harder to finish but it’s also highlighting how many other things I could be reading. As you know from my weekly rundowns, I have a problem with buying too many books so I have plenty to be getting on with. They all sit looking at me as I struggle to give a shit about Brady’s fucking psychic powers and Bill’s cancer. So I’ve compiled a list of the books I’d rather be reading than this shit. 

Ten: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

It’s not been that long since I last read Neverwhere but finding the amazing illustrated edition recently has awoken all of those familiar Gaiman feelings. As I sit and write this list I can see it on my bookshelf. It calls to me and begs to be picked up. I wouldn’t say that it’s my favourite Gaiman book but I can’t help but fall into the world he helped to create. 

Nine: Jurassic Park by Michael Chrichton 

Just like Jaws, Jurassic Park is one of my most-loved films but I’ve never thought about reading the original novel. I just never really felt the need when Spielberg’s adaptation was so good. Plus, the idea of a version of Jurassic Park without Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough just seems wrong. Still, it was so interesting getting through Jaws that I decided it was time to give it a go. I’m not saying it will replace the film in my heart but it’s always fun to see where things come from.
Eight:  Purity by Johnathan Franzen

This is another book that I’ve been wanting to read for a while but I’ve been put off by massive hardbacks. Also, I’ve heard some bad things amongst all of the praise it’s been getting. I’m not exactly familiar with Franzen but this certainly sounds interesting. I reckon it’ll be tough read, which is why it’s so high on this list. Still, I like the idea of the mystery surrounding Pip’s father and the Julian Assange sounding Andreas Wolf. 

Seven: Sexus by Henry Miller

 A book that I’ve wanted to read ever since I found such a gorgeous copy on Amazon. You’ll have seen it on my Instagram if you follow me because I was obsessed. This is the first in The Rosy Crucifixion trilogy featuring a fictionalised account of his life. It’s goes into discussions about sex, love and happiness. It was also banned in the United States. Who doesn’t want to read a banned book every now and then.

 Six: A Dance of Dragons by George R.R. Martin

 Season 6 of Game of Thrones was fucking amazing. Now that the show has overtaken the books then it’s been great to sit down and watch things I don’t know anything about. It’s also got me excited about The Winds of Winter, which, fingers crossed, will be released early-ish next year. However, reading A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms has shown me that I’ve forgotten how to read Martin’s prose. I need to re-familiarise myself with his style and try and remember what the fuck happened at the end of book 5 before I’m supposed to jump into the next part. 

 Five: Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

I spent absolutely ages going through the bookshops in my town trying to find a copy of this book but to no avail. I guess nobody in Ilkley really gives a shit about which book won the Arthur C Clarke award. So I did something I don’t like doing and bought it on Amazon. It should be arriving in the next few days and the wait has made me super fucking desperate to read it. The only reason it’s so high up is simply because I don’t actually have it yet. 

Four: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

Another story that I’m familiar with but have never read the source material of. There’s a pattern emerging in this list. I love the film Battle Royale and am really interested to see how the issues it explores are dealt with in novel form. I’m expecting more than The Hunger Games but I don’t know if it’ll live up the violent brilliance of the film. Still, it’ll be better than the shit I’m currently reading.

Three: Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll probably have seen my copy of this novel. I love it. It’s all black, gold and neon pink. Beautiful and simple. Utter perfection. This is a story I’m familiar with but I have never actually read the novel. It tells the story of Hollywood starlets getting caught up in a cycle of drugs and alcohol to cope with the stresses of the entertainment industry. Despite being 50 years old this remains a relevant book and I think it’s about time I read it. Certainly, 
the cover is urging me to open the pages every time I glimpse it. 

Two: His Bloody Project by Roderick Macrae

This was one part of my latest book haul and I’m beyond excited to read it. One of the longlist for the Man Booker Prize 2016, it tells the story of a multiple murderer in 1869. It explores the mind and motivations of a guilty man as everyone tries to understand why he killed so many horrible crimes. I’m not normally a fan of crime thrillers but this one sounds different. Plus, the nomination speaks positively for it. Still, they did also nominate the hardly spectacular Us by David Nicholls in 2014. 


One: Anything

To be honest, at this stage I don’t even fucking care. I’d read anything if it meant I was done with this awful book. I thought the point was for Stephen King to play with the crime genre so why have we just fallen into another forgettable novel where King plays with the paranormal? It makes no sense and I absolutely hate how it upsets the flow of these novels. Unless there’s some big thing I’m missing I just can’t wait to finish this book. Although, from the look of reviews, I’m the only one that thinks so.  


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I’m running so late with this because I promised to help out my brother-in-law with an essay he’s got to hand in. I’ve supposedly been proofreading it since Friday but I’ve really only just got round to it. This weekend has been rough so I’ve just put it off. So I’m rushing to get this out but I’ve not really done a great deal this week. I promise you aren’t missing out on much.

Currently Reading
  • End of Watch by Stephen King

I’ve read a bit more but I’m still not convinced it’s worth my time. Especially as the pile of deserving books is getting larger by the day. I’ll be fair and give it another week just to be sure.

Recently Purchased

  • His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet
A book from the Man Booker 2016 Longlist that had a blurb so awesome I couldn’t help but buy it. A brutal murder has taken place in the Highlands in the 1860s and a young man has been arrested. The book, set out as a memoir, tells us that he is guilty but we must wait to discover what drove him to commit the act. It sounds fucking brilliant. Obviously, if I had unlimited time and money then I’d have bought the entire Longlist but I’m trying to limit myself to the ones I can’t live without. I decided this was the best place to start. 
  • Spider-Gwen Vol 1 by Jason Latour
When I was still wasting an insane amount of money on postage getting my weekly comic book order shipped to my house I fell in love with Spider Gwen. She’s awesome. However, I got a little behind with my reading when I stopped the comic books. So why not get every issue I  probably already own in one handy dandy book?
  • Batgirl Vol 1 by Cameron Stewart
Likewise, Batgirl. I love her. To be honest, this mainly comes down to her sense of style. It’s because of her that I’ve desperately seeking a cheap pair of yellow Dr Marten boots. I don’t think I have any physical copies of Batgirl so I decided it was time to track down the collection. I’ll get them all eventually. After all, I’m always willing to read a few good comics and if it means picking up a few fashion tips then it’s all the better.  
  • Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin (Blind Date Book Company)
To be honest, this really isn’t the kind of book that I’d have bought for myself. The coverart is pure chick-lit and the premise is too trashy thriller even for me. It’s the usual kind of guff, survivor of a serial killer suspects that the man she helped imprisoned is not the man who tried to kill her. Noting too exciting. Still, I found myself in possession of this novel when I took a chance on the Blind Date Book Company. I picked out this mystery book based on three simple words and ended up with this. I’m sure it will be a decent enough read but this was more about the experience of getting a surprise book int he post. it was fun and an experience I’m keen to repeat. 

  • Hostage by Robert Crais (Blind Date Book Company)
The second book in my Blind Date Book Company haul and another book I’d never have picked myself. That’s the fun though, right? This is another crime thriller about a frontline negotiator who is haunted by his dead family. After taking a job in a sleepy town, the police chief finds himself in the midst of a Mafia stronghold. Sounds like a mindless kind of thing that’ll keep me entertained enough. 

Recently Watched
  • Sisters
Kind of wanted to see this when it came out. Really wanted to see it when I found of Kate McKinnon was in it. Now regret being so excited. See my Tuesday review for more details.
  • Step Brothers
TBT really is just my chance to watch one of my favourite films once a week. This week was no different as I continue my TBT Will Ferrell retrospective


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I’ve been back at work this week after my weeks holiday and its been dreadful. Everyone is ill so I’ve come down with a cold. I’m aching and exhausted because I spent a week doing fuck all. I haven’t been reading anything and my Instagram game is going downhill. It’s just been a dreadful time and I need to sort out my priorities again. I’ve gotten so fucking lazy in the wake of 5am starts. Turns out I, like the rest of humanity, really do need sleep to function properly. Next week I’ll be in bed in good time and reading at least a chapter before I turn in. Well, it’s a lovely dream, isn’t it…

Currently Reading
  • End of Watch by Stephen King

Since finishing Finders Keepers I’ve tried so hard to get on with reading this book. However, I can’t be bothered. Now it’s going down the paranormal route the novels that I once praised for being realistic are fast becoming just another generic Stephen King book. I’ll give it another week before I move on but it’s looking doubtful that I’ll finish it any time soon.

Recently Purchased

  • Purity by Jonathan Franzen
This is another book that I’ve felt I should read for ages but every time I saw the hardback I felt too exhausted by the sheer thought of picking it up. Thankfully, the paperback edition is not only smaller but also bloody good looking. I mean I could have done without all of the critical quotations tarnishing the front but I can live with it. That’s just the way publishing is going I suppose. 
  • Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann
I’ve never had the chance to read this book but always felt that I should. Now that it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary and I found such a gorgeous pink and black edition, it seemed like the time was perfect. The novel is iconic with its frank discussion of sex, drugs and Hollywood. The titular dolls is actually a euphemism for drugs which three friends become addicted to as their struggle to make a name for themseleves. I can’t wait to delve into this classic. 
  • Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten
I’ve had this on my Amazon wishlist for ages and I finally decided it was time to purchase it. It is the story of a young girl who tries to uncover the secrets surrounding the death of her old friend. I know I’ve had a difficult time with YA novels but this sounded too good to ignore. It sounds dark and thrilling. I can only hope that a YA novel concerning death and murder can hardly be as tame as I’ve come to expect from this genre. Chances are it won’t change my opinion but it may surprise me. 
  • Tales from the Couch: A Clinical Psychologist’s True Stories of Psychopathology by Dr Bob Wendorf (Kindle edition)
Got this because it was cheap in the Kindle store. In the book Wendorf brings together a collection of case studies to give an insight into psychological illnesses. The studies are presented as a narrative with Wendorf offering his commentary along the way. This book sounds both fascinating and educational. We all want to get a deeper insight into the human mind and where better to start than the real-life stories of people with these conditions. Plus, it was super cheap.

Recently Watched
  • Finding Dory
Wanted to watch it for ages and I used my holiday to do just that. See my Tuesday review for a real insight into my feelings.
  • Finding Nemo
Needed a TBT post so I decided to revisit this amazing animated film. It was glorious obviously. 


book haul, books, currently reading, recently watched, review, Stephen King, wedding
So it’s the day after my sister got married and I’m fucking exhausted. All I can think about it sleeping for a day. The last few days have been incredibly unhealthy and I need to get back into my healthier routine and start doing some exercise again. I also need to try and curb my spending for this week because wedding are fucking expensive. Still, the week off I took in preparation has proved to be useful in terms of getting shit done bookwise. I finished the book I started just over a week ago, which is better than I’d expected. There was probably some sort of bridesmaid duties I should have been doing instead but it all turned out fine in the end. My plan now the wedding is over is to hide away in my room with my books and make sure nobody takes my picture again. For someone as unphotogenic as me (seriously that’s not me being coy or modest, I seriously don’t photograph well) it’s been a hellish couple of days. I’m dreading any pictures of me making their way onto Facebook. All those photos are just another reason to never get married I suppose.
Just Finished
  • Finder Keepers by Stephen King
Finished this the night before the wedding, which, in hindsight, was probably the wrong decision to make. Still, I made it through the day. Not really sure what to make of this. As a follow-up to a book I wasn’t exactly enamoured with I can’t say I believed it was going to utterly blow me away. And, to be honest, it didn’t but, for the most part, I enjoyed it more than I did Mr Mercedes. I think the structure was better and the narrative flow made more sense to me. I’m still unconvinced about the present tense but that looks like it’s set in stone. However, I can’t help but worry about the direction the final one is going in. I realise it’s still Stephen King but I don’t understand the need to start including paranormal influences. Well I’ll find out how it pans out soon enough considering…

Currently Reading
  • End of Watch by Stephen King

In an attempt to be upfront and honest with you, I have to admit that I haven’t started this yet. I just haven’t had a lot of time for reading over the last few days but I intend to start immediately. Although, I’m not really looking forward to it. The idea that Holly based some sort of psychokinetic ability into Brady just doesn’t fit with the way the Bill Hodges trilogy has been going so I don’t see why King needed to upturn the apple cart. Still, he’s Stephen King and I’m sure he’s got plans beyond my comprehension. We’ll see.

Recently Purchased

  • A Vindication on the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft
I used Vindication in my postgraduate dissertation and I really didn’t need another copy. However, as is so often the case in this section of my rundown, I fell in love with the Vintage Feminism Short Edition. This is an important work in terms of women and politics but it’s difficult to find a pretty edition of it. Wollstonecraft is one of my favourite female writers and believe she is important enough to be remembered for being truly great. 
  • Battle Royale by Koushun Takami
You, like me, are probably familiar with the film adaptation of Battle Royale because it’s so fucking awesome. However, I’ve never read the book so decided it was time. Plus, the 2014 edition happens to be a bloody fantastic piece of cover art. Battle Royale is like Lord of the Flies meets The Hunger Games meets Quentin Tarantino. Kids being placed into a situation where only one can survive. Violence ensues and it’s fucking great. I can only hope the book is just as good. If not, I’ll just rewatch the film… it’s been a while.

Recently Watched
  • High Rise
Finally watched this. Finally reviewed it on Tuesday.
  • Starksy and Hutch
Watched this classic Ben Stiller film for the first time in ages and the nostalgia made it perfect for this week’s TBT post


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It’s just under a week until my older sister gets married so my whole life seems consumed with wedding fever at the moment. I’ve helped make centre pieces and decorations. I’m trying to keep my parents stress free whilst constantly worrying that my dress won’t fit and having nervous breakdowns about the sheer volume of photos I’ll be required to appear in. I’m sure it’ll be a lovely day but I’m taking the week off so I can spend the coming few days hiding from every potential source of stress. I’ve already spent most of today in bed and getting further into my current read. I’d say that the amount of time I’ve spent napping is nothing more than disgusting but I’m off work for a week. I deserve this.   
Just Finished
  • The BFG by Roald Dhal
I have to admit that it was lovely going back to this classic of my childhood and I’m not super pumped to watch the film. Roald Dhal will always be the king of weird childhood 

Currently Reading
  • Finder Keepers by Stephen King

It was just over a year ago that my review of the first novel in King’s Bill Hodges trilogy came out. Anyone who read it at the time will remember that I wasn’t exactly enamoured by the writer’s attempt at writing a crime thriller. However, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I bought the second and then third book. They’ve been sat on my shelves for a good while now and I decided it was finally time to get going with them. I have a chequered history with Mr King but I always find myself going back. I know the chances of my liking his new books are slim so only have myself to blame when it all goes tits up. Still, I’m in the mood for an easy reading piece of trash and I’m pretty sure that Finders Keepers will at least provide that.

Recently Purchased

  • Jurassic Park and Congo by Michael Crichton
Bought this because I found a gorgeous edition on Amazon. Of course, because life fucking sucks I got sent a different edition but I got a bonus book included in the volume. It’s not the copy I wanted but I’m still interested to read the book. As a lover of the film, it’s something I feel I should do. After all, the novel Jaws was based on was fucking eye opening.
  • The Lost World by Michael Crichton
An edition that matches the first book so, when I was shopping, I just had to add it to my basket. I mean what kind of bookish person would I be if I didn’t try and complete the set. Thankfully the right copy came this time so I will, no doubt, be proudly showing it off on Instagram soon enough. 
  • Moby Dick by Herman Melville

I’ve never read Moby Dick so, when I found a lovely second hand Vintage books copy, I decided it was time to give it a go. Of course, it’ll probably be sat on my shelf until I summon up enough courage to open it but at least I now have a copy. It’s a step forward. 
  • Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis
I bought a hardback copy of this book back in March but was too intimidated by the size to start reading it. I always get sucked in by hardbacks but then find that they just feel too big. So I bought a cheap paperback in the hope that it would be easier reading it. We’ll see. 

Recently Watched

  • Stranger Things
I spent one of my days off last week watching this Netflix series and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. This is TV as it should be. The 80s soundtrack, the homages to other pop culture and the creepy storyline are just amazing. As it’s now impossible for my to watch a new series/film and not fall madly in love with one of the characters, I’m kind of obsessed with Hopper. I adore his gruff yet caring nature. I seriously can’t wait for the next season. The series was fantastic. 
  • Jessica Jones
After finishing Stranger Things I decided it was finally time to get around to the other Netflix shows that I’ve been putting off watching. As Daredevil has two seasons by now, I decided Jessica Jones was the place to start. I finished it in no time and I dearly wish I’d watched it sooner. It was amazing. Any worries I had thanks to my short time watching Agents of Shield were quickly swept away in the amazing performances and great storylines. Krysten Ritter wasn’t necessarily my first choice in the lead role but she nailed it. So did Mike Colter (my new love for the series) as Luke Cage. Has me really excited for the Luke Cage series starting soon. But the standout had to be David Tennant who was phenomenal as Killgrave. I don’t know how Jessica could resist that face. I don’t care how evil he was.