TOP 10 WEN-SDAY – Top 10 Fictional Jobs

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Today I was rejected for another job that I really wanted. To be fair, I highly suspected I hadn’t got it even after they spent 4 days longer than they said to contact me. It still sucks though because I thought it would have been a really good fit. I’m getting so used to getting psyched up for interviews and then coming out feeling like shit. I’m sick of job hunting. When I got a promotion at work a year or so ago I nailed the interview. Since then, every interview I’ve had has ended in rejection. So I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion the job I’m most qualified for is the one I know, wholeheartedly, I don’t want to do. Whilst the job that I’m desperate to get is the one that nobody thinks I should be doing. Great. So, I’ve got some thinking to do, which is convenient because a recent Instagram challenge prompt asked me to reveal my dream fictional job. It’s an interesting question. Yes, it won’t help me in my job search but when my current job is so fucking boring I need to pass the time somehow. This prompt happened to fall today which is the first Wednesday of the month. Perfect timing for a hastily put together Top 10 Wen-sday.
Ten: 00-Agent (James Bond)

I know that James Bond is an awful mess of sexism and nonsense these days but I always loved the films as a kid. I think I’ve always been fascinated by spies and secret agents when I was growing up. My favourite episode of Thunderbirds was the one with the secret agents and I was obsessed with Bond’s gadgets. I realise that I wouldn’t be as suave or sophisticated as 007 and I certainly wouldn’t be ordering Martinis when I walked into a bar. However, I’d be pretty happy to drive around in fancy gars with exploding pens in my pocket.

Nine: Paper Salesman (The Office)

I realise that the act of selling paper itself isn’t that dream worthy a job but it would be if you were doing it at either Wernham Hogg or Dunder Mifflin. I’d love to do this job for a short time just to get the chance to work with the characters on both shows. We’d all love to mess around with Tim/Jim and hang out with Dawn/Pam at reception. And, despite their flaws, I’ve have worse bosses than either David Brent or Michael Scott. This could be a breath of fresh air.

Eight: Man in Black (Men in Black)

This job may have more to do with the accompanying Will Smith song than a real desire to do it but I think that’s reason enough. This just feels like a cool job. Wake up, save the world from Alien scum, erase people’s minds, and go home. What a way to spend your day. This would be a job where you would wake up desperate to go to work and look insanely good whilst doing it.

Seven: A Detective (Sherlock HolmesPoriotMiss Marple etc)

In real life, I’d probably be shit detective. I’ve watched enough crime dramas and failed to work out who the killer is to know this. I’m probably either too trusting or not trusting enough of people. This wouldn’t work too well. I’d either suspect nobody or everyone. So, in my dream world, I’m a great detective. It’s perfect. You solve crimes and get to be kind of a dick to everyone. Plus, you always get some sort of great accessory that makes you stand out. Hat, moustache, knitting… I wonder what mind would be.

Six: Member of Starfleet (Star Trek)

I don’t even care what job I’d have to do for this to happen. I’d be a red shirt and run the constant risk of sudden death if I had to. Who wouldn’t love the chance to be on the Starship Enterprise? Especially if it was The Next Generation era. Working under Captain Jean-Luc and discussing great things with Data? Sounds like a great day at the office. Then there’s the whole holodeck thing… and we all know, what happens on the holodeck stays on the holodeck.

Five: Auror (Harry Potter)

I reckon a lot of people who thought about this kind of list would say that a teacher at Hogwarts would be the best job in the series. However, I would hate it. I’ve already discussed my feelings about the way the school is run so I don’t think I could get on board with it. There would be far too much stress and so much work to do. Then you have to deal with kids. Not just any kids, mind, but magical kids. No, I’d much rather be the next Alastor Moody and go around kicking the arses of bad witches and wizards. Doling out justice with my wand in hand… I can picture that.

Four: Ghostbuster (Ghostbusters)

I’d happily be a part of either the original team or the new, girl-only team. I think the original film is clearly better but there was something about the new one that I loved. Whatever happens, I’d love to get the chance to test out a proton pack and capturing some spirits. I could even get on board with the unflattering jumpsuits.

Three: A Member of International Rescue (Thunderbirds)

I absolutely bloody love Thunderbirds so would love the chance to join the team. I’ve always wanted to be Virgil if I’m honest. Yes, he doesn’t get the glory in the way that Scott does but he’s probably the most important guy on nearly every mission. He carries the bloody supplies to each site and controls every piece of equipment that is needed. The guys a bloody hero but Scott acts like the big I am all the time. Ridiculous. Still, I’d rock the hat and I’d love to have a portrait that has light-up eyes.

Two: Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon)

This may not really count as a job but, in the game at least, you got money for winning matches. I’d love to wander around and catch Pokemon for a living. It’d be difficult but I think I’d get a pretty good team together. Then it’d be on my way to the Gyms to get my hands on the coveted badges. I’m already a proven Pokemon Master using my Gameboy so why not make it official?

One: Jedi (Star Wars)

Okay, I’m not entirely sure that a Jedi even counts a job either but I can’t deny that it’s something I’d love to do. Yes, the whole celibacy thing would be tough but I’d love to learn how to use the force. To travel around the galaxy and stop uprisings and shit. I think I’d be a pretty good General and could proved fairly useful in the Clone Wars. I think I could cope with the pretentious and moral act that I’d have to put on…as long as I could get my hands on a lightsaber. That’s the real draw.


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I promised myself that I wouldn’t be late to bed tonight because I’m working at 7 tomorrow. I always let myself get too distracted the night before an early and end up having to survive on 4/5 hours sleep. As you can tell by the fact that I’m writing this at 23:30 that I’m not doing very well. An unexpected trip down memory lane royally fucked up my plans for the evening and I’m desperately trying to catch-up. My father brought a load of old photos home from my Grandfather’s house and we spent a good chunk of the night going through them. Thankfully, there weren’t too many examples of my many fashion disasters so I didn’t have to be too mortified. Still, there’s more than enough of them around my parent’s house that I’ll have that joy to come one day.
Currently Reading
  • The Woman Next Door by Yewande Omotoso
Yeah. I know. I fucking suck at this reading thing. I’m honestly trying but I keep getting distracted. There’s always something going on and I tend to get dragged into Pokemon Go on every train journey instead of using my time wisely. However, I’ve started to blank my coworkers during my lunchtimes and take the time to read in the sun. As long as the weather holds I’ll hopefully get a good 45 minutes every lunch.  

Recently Purchased
  • The Bed Moved: A John Murray Original by Rebecca Schiff
Looking at the Amazon page doesn’t really explain why I bought this book. It has a single 1 star review and that’s it. However, it’s been on my wish list for absolutely ages and I decided it was time to indulge. The Bed Moved is a short story collection featuring tales of people growing up and looking for love. It gives a selection of views into the act of maturing when you’re a human person and the joy and sadness that is mixed up in the process. I don’t care what Amazon says, I’m looking forward to this.
  • Wanting It by Diana Whitney
I recently decided that I don’t read enough poetry these days. Having studied Romanticism at University I was used to having to read poetry on a regular basis and I enjoyed it. Now I’m not doing it for educational purposes, I find my desire to read poems has increased. I also happen to think this is a terrible thing. So I’m attempting to read more poems. Starting with this collection that I’ve been eyeing up for longer than I can remember. This is Whitney’s first collection and it features poems about sensuality and growing up. It’s becoming a bit of theme of this rundown I see. 
  • Whisky Galore by Compton Mackenzie
Bought this on a lunchtime whim at my local bookstore because I fell in love with the cover. I initially went in to buy the anniversary edition of Catch 22 that has been giving me it’s come hither stare from the window for a while. However, as soon as I saw this gorgeous cover and read the back I knew which book was meant to be mine. Set in 1943 and a time where rationing has had a major effect on all food and beverages. So what happens when a poor Scot is left with a life without whisky? I’m pretty sure my Scottish heritage had a lot to do with this selection. 

Recently Watched
  • Submarine
This weeks TBT gave me the perfect excuse to watch Richard Ayoade’s directorial debut again. It’s still as whimsical yet delightful as I remember. With rumblings of Wes Anderson, the film is a fun look into weird teenage love and drama. A great British film.
  • Ghostbusters
Today was all about finally getting round to seeing this film. I’ve spent weeks trying to defend this to anyone I hear dismiss it without good reason so I wanted to see it to find out if I’d backed the right horse. Safe to say I have a lot of feelings. You’ll find them out on Tuesday,