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Yesterday marked the start of my holiday from work and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve needed some time off and am planning on making use of it whilst I can. Knowing me, though, this will actually entail me sleeping til noon every day and then wasting my days in front of Netflix. Hopefully, I’ll get some reading done and some actual stuff accomplished. I’m definitely planning on seeing The Ghost in the Shell later on this week. I’m not sure how I feel about it but have some faith in it. I feel pretty safe with Scarlett Johansson but the film hasn’t done well so far. I can’t tell if that’s because it is genuinely bad or because people are just boycotting because of the whitewashing outrcry. I understand why people are pissed, obviously. There is a problem with casting white actors in roles that should be filled with Asian actors and Hollywood continues to deny that that problem exists. However, I’ll give the film a chance because that’s what I do. And because my friend really wants to go and see it. No doubt you’ll see my thoughts on here very soon.

Just Finished
  • Little Black Classics
In order to shamelessly get my reading count up for March I ingested a few of these LBC. I got through The Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti, A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift, O frabjous day! by Lewis Carroll, and On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts by Thomas De Quincey. They were all as fabulous as these books always are and I succeeded in making it seem as though I’d read more books this month than I would have done.

Currently Reading
  • The Best of Adam Sharp by Graeme Simsion
Slowly getting on with this one and, quite frankly, I love it. At first I didn’t think that it was quite as engaging as The Rosie Project but I think I’m actually liking it more now. I realise that Adam Sharp is a bit of a cad but he is an understandable one. Everything he does seems realistic and is reminiscent of how normal people would act in those situations. It feels more representative of real life than The Rosie Project ever did. 
Recently Purchased
  • So Much Poetry
I got a bit excited yesterday and ordered a few books of poetry. I didn’t need to but I’m just in the mood for poetry right now. They are all contemporary poets who mostly deal with issues about love but that’s fine with me. I just need to get back into poetry. The works I bought are: Mouthful of Forevers by Clementine von Radics, the princess saves herself in this one by Amanda Lovelace, and No Matter the Wreckage by Sarah Kay.

Recently Watched
  • Lego Batman
I have to admit that I was excited to see this film and I wasn’t disappointed. Find out more in my review last Tuesday.

  • Batman and Robin
Re-watched this 90s classic, which is so often called the worst film ever made. Weirdly, my TBT review didn’t just consist of me criticising it. Want to find out more, check out my review.
  • Netflix binges: 24
I have to admit this week’s Netflix binge wasn’t actually a Netflix binge. I’ve gone back to my collection of 24 DVDs and have finished season 5 and started season 6 in the past few days. I love season 5 because of Martha Logan and Aaron Pierce. Fabulous. Of course, it presents sadness from the heartbreaking death of Edgar. I’ve never gotten over that one. However, season 6 is, perhaps, the worst series of the whole show. It’s so boring and everything gets bogged down in politics and the Bauer family drama. I don’t give a shit about his brother or sister-in-law. I just want him to fuck up more terrorists.


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I’m supposed to be going away with my family tomorrow and I’ve yet to finish packing. It’s only for about 3 days so I don’t need a lot but I still feel as though I should have finished more by this point. Still, I have time in the morning. We’re going to Scotland so it’s bound to be absolutely freezing. Plenty of layers needed I guess. I also need to finish my review for Tuesday which I’m going to try and upload on time. I hate writing on my phone so I want to get it done tonight and just post it. So far it doesn’t look good. At least I have all my weeks Instagram posts ready to go. Plus, I might manage a bit of reading too. Maybe next week I’ll actually have some exciting currently reading news for you.

Just Finished

  • The Horror at Camp Jellyjam by R.L Stine
So this week I still haven’t done any proper reading but I have continue to revisit these stories from my childhood in order to make myself feel better about finishing books. It’s a good feeling but I still can’t bring myself to read a proper book. I blame Jack Bauer. Still, it’s interesting to read these again because it starts to feel so formulaic and repetitive. Not bad but just feels like painting by numbers. 

  • Ghost Camp by R.L Stine

I don’t know why but I have a shitload of Camp related Goosebumps books at my disposal. I know these are for kids but it’s a lovely nostalgic feeling reading them again. I just need to readjust to adult literature and get my arse in gear. 

Recently Purchased
  • Pride and Prejudice (Classics Reimagined) by Jane Austen
I can’t pretend that I have any real love for Pride and Prejudice or Jane Austen but I absolutely had to buy this book. On Instagram the other day I read a comment saying that this edition was going to be going out of print and, coming from the Pokemon generation, I couldn’t let the chance to own it pass me by. It’s a weird thing to so desperately want a copy of a book that I don’t really like but there is the chance that this will actually help turn me around on the matter. I mean it is very beautiful.
  • Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan
Apparently it’s that time of year when I decide I need to read more non-fiction and buy as many books as possible. They, of course, get left of my shelf making me feel guilty every time I pass over them. Still, there’s chance this time will be better. Silk Roads is a “New History of the World” and focuses on the importance of the East. It’s an area that, really, I know little about so I’m interested in finding out more. Their is a lot of praise for this book so it seems like a good place to start.  
  • Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall
Another non-fiction offering that I bought on a whim. This book looks at World Politics from a geographical standpoint and, as someone who has a terrible grasp of geography, it felt like something I should read. I guess it’s a testament to the time we’re living but I feel more inclined to engage politically so maybe that’s part of the reason I was drawn to this. I know there’s shitloads I don’t know and, deep down, I’m just a loud and opinionated person who doesn’t really know all that much. I think, now more than ever, it’s important to change that. 

Recently Watched
  • Carol
All being well I’ll have a review of this ready to upload on Tuesday no matter where I may be in the country.

  • 24
Just finished season 4, which is, in my humble opinion, one of the worst days. It’s so fucking boring and just drags on and on. It’s stupid how everyone keeps coming back for random reasons and there is just too much going on outside of the threats. Yes, the multiple threats thing is stupid too. I love the idea of one central ‘villain’ but we didn’t need a million different terrorist threats in one season. It just got too out of hand at this point. I’m glad this one is finally over.


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So I’ve only got one more day left of my holiday before I’m back at work for 6 straight days. I’m not sure I’m ready for it but I guess I have to start earning my keep again. In the last week I’ve not done as much as I wanted to but I’ve actually been quite good at getting ahead in terms of Instagram. It means I should be able to cope with the rest of this month without worrying about lighting and stuff. I won’t have many opportunities after I go back to work to get pictures taken until after dark so I’ve been planning ahead. It means some of my ideas have been a bit ropy but some of them are turning out pretty well. Now I just need to get ahead with posts and reviews so I don’t have to worry when I’m away later in the month. Turns out that after all these years, organisation is actually really useful. If only I’d thought of this sooner.

Just Finished

  • Camp Nightmare by R.L Stine

This week I hadn’t done any reading of The Plague so I decided it was time to do something else. It’s not that it’s a bad book but it just requires more attention than I have at the moment. So last night I decided to pick up this classic from my childhood and I got through it in a matter of hours. It wasn’t exactly a great read 20 years on but I enjoyed the feeling of actually completing a book. It’s hopefully inspired me to keep the pace up.

Currently Reading

  • The Plague by Albert Camus
I’m thinking of retiring this book because it’s been over a month since I started it and I feel like I’m getting nowhere. I don’t want to stop it because picking it up again later will likely be a nightmare but I want to read more than I currently am. Maybe I’ll put it on a brief hiatus and come back to it in a few days? Once I’ve read some easier stuff maybe I’ll have got back into the rhythm?

Recently Purchased
  • The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire
This week has seen me embark on an adventure to read more poetry. I love poetry but, since finishing university, I have’t exactly kept up with it. I never really know how to aproach it as a past time. Do you read the book cover to cover or dip in and out when you fancy it? Which poems do you start with? It’s all so confusing. This collection has been on my radar for a while and it finally seemed like the time to buy it. It’s a collection of modern poetry that rocked the world and was highly praised by TS Eliot. When it comes to Modern poets, outside of Eliot, I’m pretty clueless. That’s the price of focusing on Romanticism folks. Still, this seems like a good place to start.   
  • Penguins Poems for Love by Laura Barber (ed.)
Its nearly Valentines day and, when I was caught up in the sentiments of the holiday, I fell in love with this book of love poetry. It’s beautiful. I probably already own books containing the poems here but it’s always useful to have a collection of romantic poems at hand. Just in case.  
  • By Heart 101: Poems To Remember by Ted Hughes (ed.)
Another collection of well known poetry that I mainly purchased in the hope that it would help with my memory for poetry. I used to be really good at remembering lines of poems but now I feel like I’ve got too much to concentrate on. My memory is focusing on other things and has no time for poetry. So I wanted to see if this books would actually help me. As well as being a collection of great poems, Ted Hughes offers instructions on how to best remember poetry in his introduction. Let’s see if it works. 
  • Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets by William Shakespeare
I have not been able to resist beautiful copies of love poems this week. I already own countless copies of Shakespeare’s Sonnets but this one is absolutely gorgeous. The poems come accompanied by illustrations by Caitlin Keegan. I love it already.
  • The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith
I haven’t seen the movie Carol yet. I’m planning on watching it in the coming few days so I can write a Tuesday post about it. When I was purchasing the film I decided it was about time that I read the story it was based on. Originally published under a pseudonym, this is a completely different type of story to the Ripley novels that Highsmith is best known for. I’m excited to read this. 

Recently Watched
  • Alien
After watching Jackie for my Tuesday review I decided to revisit this sci-fi classic in my quest to honour John Hurt’s death. Needless to say it was fucking amazing. You can read more great thoughts like this here.

  • 24
I’m currently about halfway through season 3 and it’s been great going back. Season 1 was too familiar to really enjoy and Season 2 is still super shit but it feels kind of relevant these days. Season 3 is my favourite series. Mainly because I fucking love Chloe but it’s also the series I’ve watched the most times. I think the narrative works best for this series. The whole structure feels less awkward. It doesn’t feel like the writers are purposefully stalling for time but actually telling a coherent story. The other seasons sometimes tend to push the subplots too far in order to fill the 24 episodes. Just look at basically all of Kim’s stories and you’ll see what I mean.


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Yesterday marked my final shift at work for just over a week, which is what I’m using to explain my lack of post yesterday. It’s so I don’t have to start worrying that every day I creep closer to the big 3-0 (my co-workers delighted in reminding me that it’s only 56 weeks away yesterday) my memory is getting worse. It’s clearly not that. It’s stress. So this holiday came at the right fucking time then. After months of trying to get time off it’s finally happened. We’ve been so short staffed that everyone’s been working so much and it’s not been possible to get my days in. Fortunately, I’ve got until February 14th off so I’m planning on sleeping, reading, sleeping, taking photos, sleeping, and watching films to get ahead. I’m off on holiday for a few days later in the month so I need to get prepared. When I post my next rundown I’m almost certain it’ll be full of regret for wasting my week and doing nothing useful. At least that’s what history tells me to expect.

Currently Reading

  • The Plague by Albert Camus
After taking a couple of days off last week to get over my crippling illness I am finally recovered from everything except a minor sniffle. So I’ve actually managed to do some reading this week. A good thing too considering how many great purchases I’ve made this week. That TBR is getting worryingly big now.

Recently Purchased
  • What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi
This short story collection was another one from my Anticipated Books of 2016 list that I never got round to buying. I suspect my hesitation came from failing to finish Mr Fox. I’m sure it really is as good as everyone says but reading it after Bird, Snow, Boy I just found it too slow. I’ll try again but I think this collection will help. Oyeyemi is a great writer and, as much as I love her, she makes me feel bad for achieving so little when she’s done so much from such a young age. Maybe that’s the real reason I didn’t buy her book for so long? 

  • Roads Classics
I already own 4 of the gorgeous Roads Classics edition where the cover is plain apart from a single circle containing a relevant graphic design. They’re beautiful books and such a sophisticated design. I love them so have been meaning to add to my collection. I currently own: Wuthering Heights; Madame Bovary; Journey to the Centre of the Earth; and What Maisie Knew. This week I added two more: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum; and The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. They are both beautiful and I look forward to getting round to reading them in a few years time. 

  • The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker
This is the first book that I’ve purchased from my Anticipated Books of 2017 list and it’s a beauty. It’s the story of two female friends who pursue a career as creators of animated films. It sounds super exciting and, if the gorgeous and colourful cover is any indication, will be a great read.

  • The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor (Kindle Edition)
Don’t know where I first saw this but wherever it was it encouraged me to go straight to the Kindle store to find a copy. It happened to be a bargain so I couldn’t resist. It tells the story of a murder mystery during the Great Fire of London. As a lover of history I’m always drawn to these kinds of books so I hope this will not follow the trend of crime thrillers that I’ve recently read.

  • Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang (Kindle Edition)
I still haven’t seen Arrival but, with all the complaints I’ve read about Amy Adams not being nominated for an Oscar, it’s something I’m hoping to soon rectify. In the meantime, and whilst it was so bloody cheap on Amazon, I decided to buy the short story collection that contains the story the film was based on. The whole collection sounds incredible though so I’ll probably dip in and out whilst I finish up with Camus.

Recently Watched
  • Jackie
In the wake of John Hurt’s death at the end of Januray I decided to watch this. I’ll discuss it tomorrow if you fancy it.

  • 24
I started watching the short-lived television show Backstrom when it came on Netflix because my love for Rainn Wilson runs deep. It was better than I expected. However, it mainly succeeded in making me want to rewatch 24 because it features Dennis Haysbert. I know it’s terrible to see an actor as a single role but Haysbert will always be President David Palmer in my mind. The best damn President fictional America has ever seen. So I started watching 24 from the first series again. It’s probably the only thing I’m going to do on my week off. It won’t be a waste though.


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So it’s officially 7 days until Christmas Day. I hope you’re all ready. I think the only thing I’ve got left to do is get my friend a small final gift, wait for my secret Santa present to arrive, and finalise my sister’s present. So I’m in pretty good shape I think. So, 7 days til Christmas. Which means it’s 8 days until the January sales really start. Which means it’s 9 days until I’m officially broke. I’m planning on keeping calm this year but that’s exactly what I said about Black Friday and that resulted in me increasing my already too big Pop Vinyl collection. I have too many clothes, shoes, books, and bags but I guarantee that Boxing Day will consist of my tracking down more of these at bargain prices. What is it about a sale?

Currently Reading

  • Losing It by Emma Rathbone
This is a book from my ‘Most Anticipated Fiction of 2016’ list. It sounded fantastic on paper: a 26 year old woman is trying to come to terms with her virginity when she ends up living with her aunt who is also not sexually active. I was hoping this would offer a different perspective to the usual idea that young people have to start having sex as soon as possible or there’s something wrong with them. Unfortunately, from what I’ve read so far, it just highlights this idea. So I’d have to say I’m disappointed and underwhelmed so far. Still, there’s always time for it to surprise me. 

Recently Purchased
  • Shylock is My Name by Howard Jacobson
It’s December and I’ve realised that I didn’t get round to buying many of the books on my Most Anticipated Fiction of 2016 list, let alone read any. So I’m desperately trying to track down the ones I was most excited by. Starting with Howard Jacobson’s version of The Merchant of Venice. I’ve always liked this play so am interested to see what Jacobson has done with it. There are plenty of dodgy moments in it and lots of stupid cross-dressing that I’ve always hated so I definitely think there’s room for improvement and Jacobson could be the person to do it. Looking forward to this. 
  • The Girls by Emma Cline
Another book on my list and a book I’ve been watching other people read for ages now. I wanted to track down the gorgeous blue and red face cover but it was proving too expensive. However, my desire to read it has overcome my cover lust. No doubt this will be slowly creeping up my TBR in the coming days. 
  • Harry Potter – The Character Vault by Jody Revenson
I bought this on a total whim the other day after seeing it for ages. It’s the kind of book that I love but will just forget about in a few weeks time. It always seems like a waste to buy them. However, I’m actually really glad I did. It’s an interesting look behind the scenes of the Harry Potter films and how each character was brought to life on screen. It talks about costumes, hair, and wands that were all chosen. It’s fascinating and gives a great insight into the world of film making. So glad I let my need to keep on buying books take over this time. 
Recently Watched
  • Shit loads of Christmas films
Today alone I’ve watched Arthur Christmas, the Blackadder Christmas Special, and Elf all to get in the Christmas Spirit. The other day I watched Christmas with the Coopers to write about on Tuesday and I’m probably going to watch A Mupper Christmas Carol tomorrow night. It’s a festive feast in my house right now.
  • Designated Survivor
I finally caught up on the episodes that I’ve missed recently and I’m loving it. Well I was until the major cliffhanger that led to the Winter break. How am I going to wait three fucking months to find out what happened? 

Top 10 Wen-sday: Top 10 Things I Thought After Watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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In my Sunday Rundown a couple of weeks ago I promised to write about the Netflix Gilmore Girls reboot that week. That was mainly because I’d got my dates mixed up and thought this Top 10 Wen-sday was happening then. Still, in lieu of an actual review, which I figured would be both difficult, gushy, hyperbolic, and really fucking long, I’m setting down my strongest feelings regarding the new four episodes. I don’t know when I first got into Gilmore Girls but it was probably when I was 16. I instantly loved it and have rewatched every epsiode more times than I’d care to remember. So when it was announced that Netflix was bringing it back I was ecstatic. Of course, when I binge watched the new episodes as soon as possible I had a few questions. The most important being: WHY WAS THERE NO KIEFER SUTHERLAND CAMEO? I mean how hard would that have been? He’s on Netflix himself. They could have put it in his contract. What else is he doing? We need a Luke Danes/Kiefer Sutherland spin-off where they go fishing and discuss being shit at baseball. Desperately.

Ten: What is the point of the extended muscial sequence?

It went on too long, it wasn’t that funny, and it didn’t add to the story. This sequence basically sums up the vague feeling you get throughout the episodes (especially the second, third, fourth, etc. time through) that things were dragged out without reason. Random snippets appear for no reason other than to add time. If you can’t fill an hour and a half then don’t make a 90 minute episode. It’s that fucking simple.

Nine: Paris obsessing over Tristan is just absurd

After all this time? Fuck that. Paris is a strong woman who has spent the last few years making herself unstoppable. I get that the writers wanted to make her seem vulnerable and emotional behind the mask but this was a fucking shit way to do it. She wouldn’t have reacted to Tristan like this. She wouldn’t have even remembered him. There are plenty of ways to make Paris seem more human but this was just a disgusting one. It was out of character and worked against everything that had happened in previous seasons.

Eight: Emily’s story is perfect

It was always going to be sad to have reunion without Edward Herrmann playing Richard. He was a fabulous presence on the show and his chemistry with Kelly Bishop was amazing. I think the show tried hard to honour his memory but I think it could have gone futher. The funeral scene gave everyone a chance to grieve but it would have been nice for the 3 Gilmore girls to have a nice family goodbye. Sharing happy memories with each other. Still, Emily’s journey through spousal grief was both heartbreaking and enthralling. It felt so real and Kelly Bishop did a great job. I loved everything about Emily’s storyline and think, under the circumstances, that it was the best goodbye we could have wished for Emily.

 Seven: Why does Amy Sherman-Palladino keep dicking over Lane? 

Lane was always hard done by in the later seasons of the show. She never went to a great college and, aside from a small tour with her band, never saw anything but Stars Hollow. She married young and became a mother straight away. She should have been a rock and roll icon but she had to put her dreams on hold for her family. Which gives the message that women can’t have it all. The series ended with Zac being given the chance to go on tour with a huge band and Lane realising she couldn’t join him. It was her dream to go but she was left stuck at home and working in a diner. Then, years later, she’s still a mother and has to limit herself to band practice and playing drums at the secret bar. What the fuck did she ever do to you Amy? She could have been destined for great things. Why couldn’t she be a successful working mother? A great drummer and a caring mother? It’s bullshit.

 Six: Rory’s Gilmore Girls book narrative is JK Rowling epilogue levels of cringe

I mean a book about their relationship that Lorelai suggests should be called “Gilmore Girls” and not “the Gilmore Girls”. This whole plot line made me want to vomit. It’s supposed to be a cute in-joke but it’s just super cringey. It’s a cheap and awful way to give Rory’s professional life some purpose. It’s also not the ending for her career-wise that we’ve all been waiting for. One her first day at Chilton, Rory stated that she wanted to see things and write about that. This ending shows that she sees nothing but her own past. She deserved a brighter future.

Five: The wedding was perfection

It’s been a long time coming but A Year in the Life finally gave fans the moment they’ve all been waiting for. It took us a while to get there but we eventually got to see Lorelai marry the man she was supposed to be with. The wedding sequence was utterly beautiful and, I have to admit, the fact that it was set to ‘Reflecting Light’ (the song they danced to at Liz’s wedding) brought tears to my eyes. The whole set-up for the wedding was gorgeous and watching the family run through it at night was heart-warming. This moment was only marred by Lorelai’ s insanely uncharacteristic decision to “do Wild”. It’s not something she would have done. It was too selfish and cowardly a decision. I’m just glad she eventually saw sense.

Four: Lorelai’s beahviour at her father’s funeral is bullshit

The worst thing about the return of a much-loved show after any amount of time is the possibility that a character you know really well starts doing things that are out of character. One of the first pieces of information we got was the revelation that a drunken Lorelai started publicly shaming Richard at his wake. I know the two were never the closest of people and Lorelai was always critical of the way she was raised. However, there is nothing about the seasons that preceded this one that suggested that would be how she honoured her father. I mean the idea that at the spur of the moment she couldn’t think of one even remotely nice thing to say about him, even if it was just to please Emily, is fucking insane. I mean there were moments fro the previous seasons that would have worked. Like the time he helped her escape from a blind date Emiy set up or the time she took him shopping for stationary. The time he came to visit Stars Hollow and they had Chinese takeout. There were countless moments she could have picked. What she wouldn’t have done is stand there, in a drunken haze, and talk about how terrible a father he was. No matter what she thought about her childhood, Lorelai loved her father and, when all is said and done, she is still a Gilmore.

Three: The sequence with the Life and Death Brigade is fucking sensational

I mean just look at it. It’s fucking beautifully shot and is just so fun. The song, one of my favourites on the Across the Universe soundtrack, fits the action perfectly. As soon as I heard it I had one of my creative moments and imagined a whole film scenario in my head that was actually pretty similar. Everything about it was sensational. The signs alerting Rory to their presence. the gorilla masks, the smoke, the steampunk, the tango. I just loved every second of it. It captured the spirit of the group and showed that, even after all these years, people hadn’t really changed that much. Also, the Wizard of Oz ending was sheer perfection.

Two: Logan Logan Logan

I’ve always been a Logan fan. I know his relationship with Rory wasn’t always great but he was much better for her than either Dean or Jess. Yes, yes, Jess fans. I know you’ll all be shouting at me that Jess changed over time and became the perfect man. I just don’t think all that shit he put her through when they were younger was too much to get passed. Now, I hear you continue to cry, her affair with Logan didn’t exactly go anywhere to prove that they are made for each other. It wasn’t ideal but there is undeniable passion and love between the two of them. I get that the creators were pushing the idea that Logan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is her Luke. However, Logan was always good for Rory. He pushed Rory at a time when she was really discovering who she was and who she wanted to be. He helped her take risks and have some fun. He always believed she could make it and, after he really buckled down to work, became a great husband for her. Just look at all the times he came running to her aid without even thinking. Dean made her feel guilty and Jess just left without telling her. I think we know who the better boyfriend is. I like to think the pair will eventually settle down together and raise their baby as a happy couple. Just because Lorelai couldn’t find happiness with Christopher doesn’t mean Rory can’t end up with Logan.

One: Not enough Sookie

I know that Melissa McCarthy is one of the biggest comedy stars around now and barely had the time to do her tiny cameo. I understand that we’re lucky that we had that small glimpse of her. However, I don’t think Sookie’s absence was explained in the correct way. It just didn’t make sense for her character to abandon the inn that she dreamed of helping Lorelai create for years. It didn’t make sense for her to just leave like that. Also, what about Jackson and the kids? We see Jackson in Star’s Hollow so that means Sookie left her family for god knows how long. It’s just not right. There were plenty of other ways to have explained Sookie not being around. She could have gone on a year long retreat to Asia to learn all about some new cooking technique. Or taken the family on a food tour of Europe to bring back classic dishes to the Dragonfly. Fucking anything other than what actually happened. The shitty story that Amy came up with just meant Sookie’s eventual appearance was marred and, quite frankly, rubbish. I mean Melissa was fabulous as always and the multiple cake stuff was full of feels. However, the chemistry wasn’t there. It felt static and uncomfortable.


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So this week came with some good news and some bad news. Fortunately, it was the same news so I didn’t need to get my head around multiple revelations. I got a second interview for the job I mentioned the other week. It’s fantastic because it means I didn’t fuck up as much as I thought I did but it’s terrible because it gives me more opportunities to fuck up. However, I’m all about the self-belief at the moment. By which I mean I’m delusional. Nah, it’s going to be fine. And I’ll make sure to have a large supply of doughnuts waiting for me when I’m done. The one thing I’ve learnt in my 28 years on this planet is that there isn’t any emotional problem that carbohydrates can’t solve.

Currently Reading

  • His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet

Are you getting as bored of this as I am? Fucking reading slump just won’t go away. Somebody needs to slap me super hard.

Recently Purchased

  • Selection of Pocket Penguins
I bought three more of these books for no other reason than wanting a more complete collection. Yes, I have fuck all will-power but I do have a bloody great personal library. And an ever increasing TBR pile. This time I bought: The Good Soldier Švejk by Jaroslav Hašek, A Parisian Affair by Guy de Maupassant, and The Beast Within by Émile Zola. They’re all blue and they’re all gorgeous. How can I not buy more? 

  • Halting State – Charles Stross
This is a crime thriller tied up around video games, which sounds like exactly the kind of thing that would change my mind about crime thrillers. A heist is carried out on a MMORPG and the police officer called in to investigage thinks its a stupid thing to report. Until real-life crimes start being reported. This a tale when the walls between the real and the virtual come crashing down and a dangerous plot is revealed. I love the sound of this.

  • Letters to Kevin – Stephen Dixon
This was one of the books on my Most Anticipated Fiction of 2016 list but it’s taken me ages to get round to buying it. It’s a crazy farce and it’s wonderfully illustrated. I’m so glad I finally bought it and can’t wait to read it.
  • The Temple – Matthew Reilly (Blind Date Book Company)
Those of you who follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t I have to ask “why the fuck not?” I’m great) then you’ll have seen that this week I got another The Blind Date Book Company book, I’ve discussed this before on a rundown but it’s a great company. You pick a book based on four words alone. It’s exciting. The book I got this time was based on the following words: jungle, US Army, Mission, Discovery. It sounded like Heart of Darkness but is actually more like Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider. So, a bit trashy but fucking awesome.

Recently Watched
  • Haters Back Off
I decided to watch the new YouTube Netflix series this week to see how I felt about it. What did I think? Come back on Tuesday… if you dare.

  • Designated Survivor
Just like I dragged my feet with Jessica Jones I seem unwilling to carry on watching Luke Cage for fear of being disappointed or something. Instead, I’m indulging my love of Kiefer Sutherland and his face by watching this new series. So far I love it. It’s like House of Cards but a bit nicer.

Tuesday’s Reviews – Forsaken (2015)

films, Kiefer Sutherland, meh, review, Western, Wild West

If there’s something that you should know about me going in to this review it’s that I absolutely adore Kiefer Sutherland. I think he’s a wonderful actor and devilishly handsome. I’ve loved him since I first saw his 80s films and continued to lust after him throughout every series of 24 and beyond. It’s potentially kinda creepy but there is something about his voice that just gets me every time. Even when he’s threatening to shove a towel down someone’s throat and pull it back out. So sexy. I know it’s really fucking dull to tell other people about your dreams but I once had a great one concerning Kiefer and his father, Donald Sutherland. I was dream dating Kiefer Sutherland and went to meet his family. I accidentally spilled my drink on the floor and Donald Sutherland shouted at me. I think it’s the most realistic dream I’ve ever had because if I did meet Donald Sutherland I’d definitely do something fucking stupid and he’d hate me instantly. Still, that depressing little fact isn’t going to stop me enjoying my fave father-son duo starring in a Western together. That sounds like heaven to me.

Forsaken came about when Kiefer Sutherland and Jon Cassar, who directed the actor in some episodes of 24, discussed doing a Western together. With Brad Mirman on board to write, Forsaken gave Sutherland his first chance to share screen time with his father Donald Sutherland. Despite appearing in two films together the two have never appeared face-to-face. Donald was approached by his son to play his father in 24 but he didn’t relish the chance to play a man who wants to kill both his sons. Well, when one of those sons is Kiefer Sutherland I can understand why that would be difficult. Just like the awful Righteous Kill relied heavily on the meeting of two great actors, Forsaken owes a lot to the coming together of father and son. It’s all anybody seems to be banging on about. 
After all, the script isn’t really much to write home about. Sutherland Jr. plays John Henry Clayton, a civil war veteran who was so affected by his military service that he became a gun for hire once the fighting had stopped. Sutherland Snr. plays his estranged father Reverend Clayton who disdains of his son’s actions and riles against the reunion his son so craves. Upon arriving back in his home town, John Henry discovers that the people are being hounded by greedy property developer James McCurdy (Brian Cox). With the railroad coming to town, McCurdy is keen to get his hands on people’s property and isn’t above getting his hired goons to do whatever it takes to get it.John Henry seems content to keep his head down and stay on the straight and narrow until McCurdy’s boys start turning their guns on the townsfolk that won’t move away so easily. 
Forsaken is a refreshing change from the recent surge of refreshingly new Westerns that have cropped up in Hollywood. This doesn’t easily stand next to the likes of Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight because it harks back to a classic time in film history. Forsaken takes its lead from the old school Westerns where evil gunslingers rode into town, caused mischief and were stopped by a reluctant hero. Really, the film is pretty pedestrian; there is nothing to excite and the plot follows a pretty obvious course. Although, on the positive side this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is nothing to hate about Forsaken other than its complete lack of originality. It is, after all, incredibly consistent with the classics of the genre. The film never veers off course and stays consistent in tone. Every single trope you could hope for pops its head up as if Mirman were steadily crossing them off his list. 
What saves Forsaken from being a forgettable Western tragedy is the combination of the two Sutherlands. Their time together as regretful son and resentful father is just magnificent and the film could easily have stayed in the personal territory of bringing the two back together in the wake of John Henry’s mother. The two actors have a great understanding of their characters and how thick they need to lay on the brooding and emoting. The pair work well together and, obviously, their relationship adds to the on-screen experience. They are joined in their strong performances by Michael Wincott as one of McCurdy’s men and Demi Moore, yes Demi Moore, as John Henry’s lost love. 

Obviously his time directing episodes of 24 has left John Cassar with the know-how to build tension and handle the action segments. Even though we all know how the story is going to turn out, you won’t be disappointed by the journey. There is enough drama to keep you pushing on through to the action packed and bullet riddled finale. Cassar also has the good sense not to drag the plot on for too long and this trip to the Wild West will only keep you hanging on for about 90 minutes. It gives enough time to get to grips with the characters but avoids the story going round in circles. Forsaken is by no means the best Western you’ll ever see but, thanks to a few good performances, it is a not completely abysmal reminder of classic Hollywood cowboys.