Book Review – The New Me by Halle Butler

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Rating: 2 out of 5.

As I mention far too often, I’m currently taking part in a virtual book club. It’s something my friend set up at the start of the first lockdown and one that I joined after a couple of months. I never thought of myself as a book club kind of person but I’m really enjoying discussing the books every week. My major problem is having nothing of interest to say, which mostly happens with books that I don’t really like. When the monthly pick is an underwhelming book, I tend to forget a lot about it before the meeting. Part of the reason that I try and read the book as close to the deadline as possible. Luckily for me, there has only been a couple of duds since I joined. In fact, it’s been a great range of titles that I’m really glad to have had the chance to read. This month, I wasn’t particularly drawn to any of the potential titles, so I didn’t even vote. Considering how it’s turned out, I think I’ve learnt a valuable lesson about taking responsibility for yourself.

Sunday Rundown – That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

For the first time in a while, we’re starting off on a positive note. Work seems to have been less stressful this week. I’ve also spent some proper time reading. Not as much as I’d have liked but some. I spent some of yesterday finishing my last read and it feels like a huge relief. Hopefully, I can make a good start on my new read today. Although, in terms of my Spell the Month Challenge, I officially only have 2 letter left to go. I don’t either of my picks for those will take too long, so I shouldn’t need to worry too much. Of course, this is exactly the point when dramatic irony would normally kick in and they turn out to be quite intense and long reads. But we’ll see.

Bookish Post – Books That Are Beautifully Written

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I find myself in a bit of a pickle today. The last book that I read didn’t really require a full review and the book that I’m currently reading is taking longer than I expected. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’ve been more bothered about my Switch in the last few days to even think about reading. Whatever the reason, I find myself without a book to review and in need of a subject to write about.

Book Review – A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s becoming something of a tradition that I read at least one Agatha Christie book each month. Not only are they super easy to get through but they just make me feel happy. Considering what the past 12 months have been like, we all need to dedicate more time to the things that make us happy. Christie is not only a fantastic writer but she has an incredibly wicked streak. As I say every time I review one of her books, she understands people and what might compel them to commit murder. In my recent rereadings of her novels, I haven’t actually read any Miss Marple stories yet. I think in terms of the books, I prefer a lot of the Poirot novels but who can’t love Miss Marple. I also think the ITV adaptations of these novels were fabulous. They made a few changes and modernisations but they capture the spirit perfectly. The adaptation of this novel is definitely one of the better ones.

Book Review – The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

As much as I enjoyed Klara and the Sun last month, it did leave me with a great desire to reread this beauty. I read a fair few reviews that described the ending of Ishiguro’s latest novel was the most heartbreaking of his career. Yes, it was sad but the most devastating ending? He’s an author who doesn’t think twice about leaving you on the edge of an emotional precipice but I found Klara quite tame in comparison to his earlier work. Particularly this one. I honestly believe that The Remains of the Day has one of the saddest endings I’ve ever read. Yet, it’s a sad ending with hopefulness. This really is quite a book and it was definitely about time that I reread it.

Book Review – The Hellion by Harriet Young

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I first found out about this book because of Instagram. I’d been following Harriet Young (thesenovelthoughts) for a while so I had been aware that she was writing her first novel. When she was looking for funding on Unbound, it didn’t take a lot of persuasion for me to preorder it. I was fascinated by the story and the history of the Pendle witch trials. I’ve been waiting to read this one for a long time and, when it arrived last moth, I couldn’t wait to start reading it. Of course, it was just a huge coincidence that it also crossed off one more letter on my Spell the Month Challenge.

Sunday Rundown – That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

Happy Easter folks! I hope you’re all having a fabulous Easter weekend. As expected, I’ve spent barely any time this bank holiday reading. I’ve managed to have a good time though. I managed to see a friend that I’ve not seen properly for ages and then we’re having a small family get-together today. It’s nice that things are slowly getting better in the UK. Fingers crossed that we don’t end up in another lockdown in a few months. Although, maybe that would help my reading stay more consistent?

Bookish Post – Spell the Month in Book Titles: March

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I don’t understand how January and February could be so easy to complete yet March nearly ruined me. I don’t know if it’s because it’s my birthday month or because I’ve just found myself in a bit of a rut. Whatever it is, I was sure that I’d never be able to spell out this simple 5 letter month. It’s not as if the letters are that bad. I had plenty of options for each but that didn’t make it easier. Still, I finished it. Let’s take a look a how.

Bookish Post – March Reading Wrap-Up

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Teacup on top of vintage books.

I always knew that I could never maintain my pace of reading 10 books each month but I didn’t expect things to turn around so abruptly. It took me ages to get into the books I was reading this month. Even the ones I was most excited about. I was worried about finishing my monthly reading challenge but, thankfully, I got there. Hopefully, April will be a bit less of a struggle.

Number of books read: 7
Number of rereads
: 0
Number of physical books: 2
Number of ebooks: 1
Number of audiobooks: 4

Number of 5* reviews: 2
Number of 4.5* reviews: 1
Number of 4* reviews: 2

Book Review – The Rose and the Yew Tree by Mary Westmacott

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I have been a lover of Agatha Christie for a long time but I’ve never read any of the novels that she published under her pseudonym, Mary Westmacott. Mostly because of the way they’ve been labelled. If there’s anything more likely to get me to avoid a book it’s referring to it as a romance novel. It’s not that I think romance novels are bad but it’s just not my thing. Love is a fact of life but that doesn’t mean I need to read about it for 200-300 pages. I will read the odd romance every now and them but I prefer something a bit darker. Give me a love story full of grisly murder and maybe we can talk. Otherwise, I’ll probably look elsewhere. Although, I decided that I couldn’t really call myself a true Christie fan if I didn’t at least try to read her other books. Why pick this one? It was the first one I saw and it crossed off a letter on my monthly reading challenge.