Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

Normal service is resumed this week. It’s been a pretty decent week although I haven’t done as much reading as I wanted. Thankfully, I’ve got a couple of 4 day weeks coming up thanks to a long weekend. Hopefully, that will give me the chance to get back on top. I’ve not listened to any audiobooks at work recently, so my totals are down a little. I might try and get back into it this week. There are a couple that I have on my library app to get through.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOK REVIEW – Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

I guess it’s no surprise that a book full of 90s nostalgia would become such a big hit but everyone went mad for this book. It was another one of those things that I was excited to read until it became one of the most talked about books on Instagram. Then I lost confidence and left it on the shelf. My recent holiday seemed like the perfect time to start it. Read my review to find out if everyone was right about this one.

  • BOOK REVIEW – The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

You know I love a good children’s book. Especially if that book also has an environmental theme. This has been on my radar since it came out but I never brought myself to buy a copy. Until I found one in a charity shop and decided it was time. It was also the perfect book to fit in this week to review. Would it be everything I wanted it to be? Find out by reading my review.

Just Read

  • The Last Bear by Hannah Gold

Admittedly, it took me a bit longer to finish this than I expected but it was still a lovely and quick read. The illustrations are fantastic and I loved the message. Definitely, one to go alongside Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s books on my shelf. Patiently waiting for my niece to become old enough to read them.

Currently Reading

  • An Offer from a Gentleman by Julia Quinn

I never expected to read any of the Bridgerton books but I was curious. After finishing season 2 recently, I decided to see what the third book was about. I know season 3 is actually going to be about the fourth book but I wanted to see if the Cinderella elements of this worked or not.

Book Haul

During a recent charity shop trip, I picked up a copy of the Chris Riddell illustrated version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and The Last Bear. Two books that I really wanted and may buy a new copy of later. For now, these are in perfectly good condition.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • Bridgerton – I finished the second season and, as much as I didn’t want to, I enjoyed it. It’s not the greatest show but it’s entertaining enough. Nothing like a bit of melodrama in Regency-era England.

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