Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

I feel as though I’ve finally made a bit of progress this week. I’ve finished a few books which feels good. Okay, I was mainly doing it because I needed something to write a review about but that’s something. It means that I’ll have a few more books on my monthly wrap-up. I just need to try and finish my current read before the end of the month. I don’t want to still be reading it into March. Plus, I’ve plenty of other books that I want to get through next month.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOK REVIEWMs Ice Sandwich by Mieko Kawakami

I’m making a big point of reading more of my unread books this year. Every year I tell myself that I’m not going to buy too many new ones but then can’t help myself. I know that I’ve got a few pre-orders coming this year, so I’m focusing on decreasing my physical TBR in time. This is a book that I bought a year ago on a whim and expected to read in not time. After looking for something quick to review, I finally picked it up. Would it be my kind of thing? Read my review to find out.

  • BOOK REVIEW – 20,000 Legues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

As well as trying to decrease my physical TBR, I’m trying to reduce the number of unread audiobooks in my Audible library. There are quite a few that I’ve amassed over the years thanks to Daily Deals. I’d buy anything that sounded good if it cost a few pounds. The number of books on there is part of the reason that I stopped my subscription. It does mean I can no longer access Audible exclusive adaptations like this but it’s good not to be giving more money to Jeffrey when I can borrow audiobooks from my library. Read my review to see if this book was worth the price of a subscription.

  • FILM REVIEW – Brian and Charles

I’ve been meaning to watch this film for ages because it just sounded so cute. A very British take on an AI buddy movie sounded ideal. I didn’t know anything about the character but I have enjoyed David Earl in everything I’ve ever seen him in. Given that it was nominated for Outstanding British Film at this year’s BAFTAs, I decided it was time to watch it. Would it be as good as I expected? Find out by reading my review.

Just Read

  • 20,000 Legues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

This has been in my Audible library for a while and I’ve thought about listening on a couple of occasions. I just wasn’t sure about the dramatisation part of it. I like it when the characters are played by different people but why listen to an abridged version of the book? In the end, I picked it up because I was looking for something quick. At least it meant my expectations were low.

  • Ariadne by Jennifer Saint

Not only do I have a hardback copy of this book but I’ve had the audiobook for a while as well. So, listening to it this week meant I could tick two things off my unread list. I’m not sure what I expected for this but it certainly sounded good. Who doesn’t love a feminist retelling of Greek mythology?

Currently Reading

  • Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes by Rob Wilkins

I’ve been reading so many books at once that I haven’t made much progress with this yet but I will. I’m looking forward to reading more about Pratchett’s life.

  • The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Slow, slow progress is being made. I will get it finished by the end of the month. I will. I hope I will.

Book Haul

I have slipped a bit this week. I pre-ordered the next Richard Osmand book. Why did I pre-order it? Because I’ve the signed edition of the others and needed it to match. I have a problem. As well as that, I also bought the second book in the Fireborn series by Aisling Fowler. Have I read the first one yet? Of course not. Don’t be stupid.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • Game of Thrones – I’m rewatching this in such a weird order. I recently watched from the end of Season 5 through to the end. It was mostly because I stumbled across Season 5 episode 9 one evening when channel hopping. This week, I started watching season 4 again because I stumbled across another episode on TV. It was the first time we meet Prince Oberyn and I wanted to go through his whole storyline. I’ve just reached the point where I started last time, so who knows what I’ll do now. Might as well go back to the start, right?

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