Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

I’ll be honest, January hasn’t started quite like we’d wanted it to which has meant I’ve been pretty distracted this week. I have done some reading but not as much as I’d have liked. It’s taken me quite a while to get through my current read. I also didn’t manage to get my film review written this week but I did watch something. Next week might end up being a rare 5 post week but we’ll see how it goes.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOKISH POST2022 Review: The Motherbooking Stats

After my December wrap-up, I had to put together my full-year wrap-up post. This always takes way longer than it needs to, so I’m trying to be more organised this year. It won’t last but we’ll see how long I keep it up. How did my year of reading go? Find out by reading my post.

  • BOOKISH POSTBitesize Book Reviews 13

I had a few books to write about at the end of December and knew I didn’t have much to say about a couple of them. So, I decided to do another of my bitesize reviews. Read my post to see what I thought about How to Be Right…In a World Gone Wrong and I’m a Fan.

Just Read

  • Less is Lost by Andrew Sean Greer

I intended to read this last year but I didn’t manage it. So, it seemed like the perfect choice for my first read of 2023. I adored the first one and I reckoned the same would be true of the sequel. It was.

Currently Reading

  • Undecided

Book Haul

I said that last week’s haul wouldn’t be the last of it and I was right. I’ve since bought:

  • Launch Something! by Myung-Hoon Bae – This just sounded too good to miss. A  sci-fi novel about a Korean Space Force. It was exactly what I needed to change things up in 2023.
  • Tyger by S. F. Said – One of those books that everyone raves about. I absolutely had to give it a go, so why not use it as an excuse to buy the Foyles special edition?
  • The Restoration of Otto Laird by Nigel Packer – This was in the sale for an absolutely ridiculous price. I couldn’t resist. I reckon this will be a cute read to get to at some point this year.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • The Rig – We were looking for something silly to watch last night and decided to watch this new Prime series. I was pretty invested because of my love Iain Glen. However, I stayed for the storyline. It’s not the best thing ever but it’s fun. Just what we needed this week.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

  1. What is the Rig about? I’ve been burned enough times by amazon originals that I won’t watch them anymore without knowing exactly what i’m getting into (and since I don’t mind spoilers, and am more concerned with moral lines than anything else, I usually just end up not knowing anything about the show and let it pass by wayside)


    1. It’s an interesting idea. It’s about the workers on an oil rig who discover a supernatural force that looks as though it’s looking to destroy them. They’re completely cut off from the mainland and the force starts taking people as hosts. There’s an environmental element to it all.

      It’s stupid but quite fun. Kind of classic sci-fi but with a contemporary ambition. It references John Wyndham and Moby Dick because it has those vibes.


    1. I hope my description was helpful. I always worry that I’m giving too much away, so I end up missing the biggest selling points. I will say that it’s got a great cast.


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