Film Review – The Curse of Bridge Hollow (2022)

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’m not a horror movie fan. They just aren’t my thing. For one thing, I hate jump scares. I’m so easily spooked. So, when it comes to Halloween movies, I tend to gravitate towards kid’s movies. They’re more my speed and tend to be quicker. I’m still not at the top of my film-watching game, so have no attention span. Thankfully, Netflix always has something stupid that fits the bill.

This year their offering also starred one of the standout actors from Stranger Things. I know Millie Bobby Brown has her legions but sensible people are all about Erica. She’s an amazing character and I was interested to see how Priah Ferguson approached a starring role. That didn’t mean I was expecting great things from the film. It looked pretty standard fare really.

I mean, how excited is it possible to get about another film where a town is cursed and the Halloween decorations come to life? It’s not like we haven’t seen it before. Every aspect of this plot is familiar. Teenager Sydney has to move to a small town away from her friends. Her father is a science teacher and pushes her into academic pursuits. She has more interest in the paranormal, so they’re growing apart. When Sydney inadvertently releases a spirit with a grudge, father and daughter must work together to save the town.

I won’t say that The Curse of Bridge Hollow is terrible but it’s certainly nothing special. In fact, I lost focus several times throughout the film. It’s just so unoriginal that I was bored. Although, I do have to admit that the film is quick. It doesn’t waste any time on pesky things like development and depth. Instead, it just packs in the gags and silliness. There will be plenty who enjoy the entertainment heavy film.

Personally, I think the narrative is just too unbelievable. I’m not talking about the decorations coming to life. I can go along with that. What I did don’t understand is how Sydney’s dad takes so long to accept what’s happening. Yes, he’s a man of science but there are only so many times you can be attacked by zombies and spiders before you put logic aside. I admit, this is probably only something that would bug me. If you’re looking for a stupid and undemanding film then this could be for you. It’s not scary or clever but it passes the time. And I will say that Priah Ferguson is a great piece of casting.

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