Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

I hate to keep banging on about this but the year seems to be speeding up. Not only are we halfway through October already but my nephew just turned one. It doesn’t feel as though enough time has passed.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • FILM REVIEW – Catherine Called Birdy

Another week and another streaming platform in my film review. I had seen the trailer on Prime and was intrigued by the whole thing. A great cast? Check. Written and directed by Lena Dunham? Check. Female empowerment? Check. It just seemed like a really fun film that I was glad existed. Of course, this never normally ends well for me. Could this be another one that looked great but delivered very little? Check out my review to see how it went.

  • BOOK REVIEW – Let Your Hair Down by Bryony Gordon

I’ve been searching for a book like this since I was diagnosed with alopecia, the autoimmune disease that causes your hair to fall out. I wanted a novel for older audiences that went into the experience of losing your hair. Was this the book to answer my prayers? Find out by reading my review.

  • BOOK REVIEW – The Haunting Season: Ghostly Tales For Long Winter Nights

It’s spooky season which means my TBR is getting more themed than usual. I’ve had the audiobook of this for a while and picked up a paperback copy recently. I decided to go with the audiobook first because it felt more appropriate for ghost stories. This collection has stories by a lot of great authors, so my expectations were high. Check out my review to see if it lived up.

Just Read

  • Let Your Hair Down by Bryony Gordon

I had so much hope for this book. It was the alopecia novel that I’ve been searching for. Unfortunately, it just didn’t do what I wanted. There is definitely an audience for this book because it is good. It just wasn’t right for me.

  • The Haunting Season: Ghostly Tales For Long Winter Nights

I listened to this at work last week. It probably wasn’t the best idea because I wasn’t concentrating completely. However, I think the stories could also have been more engaging. I just wasn’t really feeling this one.

Currently Reading

  • Following Frankenstein by Catherine Bruton

Frankenstein is probably the book I’ve reread most in my life. To the point where I needed a bit of a break from it. Instead, I have replaced it with every book inspire by Mary Shelley’s original. I loved the idea behind this book and thought it would be a fun Halloween read.

Book Haul

My copy of Marple finally turned up 3 weeks after it was released. I know Waterstones are having a nightmare with their new warehouse but it’s been ages now. They definitely need better project management if they’re still struggling to get books out. I also got my pre-ordered copy of Long Live The Pumpkin Queen by by Shea Ernshaw, which is definitely going to be one my next reads.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • Taskmaster – I’m on season 5 now, which is one of my favourite seasons. I think the show just keeps getting stronger from this point onwards. So many great contestants.

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