Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

What a weekend. I had a great day yesterday but it was busy. Meaning very little time for reading. Today is going to be almost as hectic, which means I’ll struggle to finish my current read in time for my review next week. Meaning I’ll have to fit in an audiobook at work on Monday. It’s fine though. I just need to get through to Wednesday this week and then I have a week off over Easter. I cannot wait. No big plans but sleeping and reading are a priority. I need this break.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOK REVIEW – Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good by Louie Stowell

Norse mythology, Middle Grade fiction and illustrations. This book was always going to get my attention and I knew I had to read it. It’s the kind of book that I wish I could have read as a kid. I was sure that I’d have loved it. Check out my review to find out if this was everything I wanted it to be.

  • FILM REVIEW – The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2021)

I guess that enough time has passed since Princess Diana died that it’s okay to scrutinise every aspect of her life on film. I don’t really see what the point is though. It’s not as if we’re going to get any new information. Nobody has any new takes on what happened. It’s just dragging up the past for no reason. Well, I guess it did present a situation for Kristen Stewart to wear hot pants to the Oscars. Check out my review to see if this film had any other cultural impact.

  • BOOK REVIEW – Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Here it is. One of the most anticipated novels of 2022 and one that has been getting all the hype. I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy of this through NetGalley and I couldn’t wait to start it. I finally started it this month but could it possibly live up? Check out my review to see how it went.

Just Read

  • Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

I absolutely loved this book but it took me way longer to read it than I expected. Not because of the book itself but because I never wanted it to end. Believe the hype with this one people.

Currently Reading

  • The Caretakers by Amanda Bestor-Siegal

This is another of the ARCs that I requested from NetGalley a while ago. The book is released on the 12th April and I’m trying to finish it before then. I don’t know how it will go because it’s a long book and I’ve had a busy weekend. Still, I can have a bloody good try.

Book Haul

No new books this week. I’ve been working really hard to decrease my TBR. Hopefully, can get a few crossed off this month.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • Modern Family – I’ve got to the end of the episodes on Disney+, so it’s time to find something else to watch. Something that doesn’t require a lot of thought.

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