Tuesday Review – Encanto (2021)

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve been on the internet recently, so I’ve heard the absolute banging tunes from this film. It got to the point where I’d heard them so much that I just had to watch it. It’s another of those recent Disney films that I’ve just heard nothing bad about. Although, I was slightly concerned that the actual film couldn’t live up to the songs. I mean, the ones I’d heard were so good out of context that I wasn’t sure placing them into a story would work for me. The only thing that I could do was give it a go.

Of course, what nobody warned me about was just how much this film would destroy me. Yes, I’ve been listening to Surface Pressure, the Millenial’s anthem of mental health struggles, on repeat for ages now. I knew that it was dealing with big topics. What I didn’t expect was that I’d end up face-to-face with all of my self-confidence issues. Encanto introduces us to Mirabel, her family and their enchanted home. A home that comes to life to help them and guide them. The Madrigals are a multigenerational Colombian family and each one of them has a magical gift. Well, all of them but Mirabel.

It all started years ago when Mirabel’s grandfather died and the family were granted a miracle. A miracle that built them a sanctuary to keep their community safe. A miracle that gave their house some sort of sentience and them powers. Powers that they use to help the rest of the townsfolk. All of the family have a purpose except for Mirabel who is totally unremarkable compared to the rest. However, she starts to suspect that something is threatening the Madrigals’ miracle and sets out to stop it. Can Mirabel prove that she is special in her own way and save her family?

It really wasn’t a great idea watching this film as the youngest of three sisters. My older sisters are both fantastic and living full lives. Me? I’m living at home and working in a job with no real prospects. It’s safe to say that Mirabel’s story hit a little bit close to home. But enough about my insecurities and anxieties. Was it a good film? Yes. I think Encanto was a sweet and engaging story. However, it was also fairly unambitious. It didn’t try and do anything too out of the ordinary. I kind of get the feeling that had the story been told in another way it wouldn’t have worked so well.

What makes this film stand out are the characters and the songs. Oh, and the animation is beautiful. Each of the family members is a unique and wonderful creation. Their powers range in levels of interest but there is plenty of fun to be had. They also have a TARDIS style room that is tailored to their power. The Casita is definitely one of the standout characters and is a sassy sidekick for much of Mirabel’s journey. A good thing because she doesn’t get her own proper sidekick. Ultimately though, Encanto is an enchanting film that everyone will enjoy.

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