TBT Review – Superbob (2015)

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

Have you heard the news? Brett Goldstein isn’t CGI. Is it weird that this had to be confirmed? Yes but that’s the world we live in. And I can kind of see it. I mean, I’ve not seen an episode of Ted Lasso but the pictures do look suspicious. I guess he just has one of those slightly uncanny faces. It’s such a ridiculous story but is one of my favourite conspiracy theories in recent years. I love the internet. With the focus on Goldstein, I decided it was time to finally watch his 2015 British superhero movie. I used to listen to his podcast every week and always meant to watch it. Why not now?

Superhero movies are great but they are pretty unrealistic in so many ways. The idea that a random person would adjust to being a superhero quite so easily is stupid. So, when I started watching SuperBob, I was hopeful that I’d finally found a film that tried to show what it might really be like. When awkward postman Bob Kenner was hit by a meteorite, he gained Superman-like powers. Although, he didn’t have an easy time getting to grips with his powers and ended up handing himself into the authorities. Six years later, Bob is working for the MOD and has to follow strict rules. Including getting the required paperwork filled in before he is able to rescue someone.

The film is initially told in a mockumentary style as we see Bob on his day off. The aim is to show that he’s an ordinary guy and we see him preparing for his first date. Yep, despite being one of the most sought after weapons in the world, Bob is just looking for love. With the help of his cleaner, Dorris, Bob gets new clothes and learns how to act around other people. However, a potential international crisis threatens to get in the way of Bob’s love life and ruin his day off. Will he be able to win the girl of his dreams?

There are some lovely and funny moments in this film. It’s quite sweet and charming in is own way. The low budget film doesn’t try and compete in terms of special effects so it keeps the actual super heroics to a minimum. Instead, it pushes the romantic-comedy angle of the story. The only problem is there are several other angles that just don’t work together. It’s a film that tries to do so much in such a short amount of time. SuperBob tries really hard but it just can’t juggle the silliness, the romance and the drama.

It is also not incredibly original. It’s super obvious where this is going from the outset and it doesn’t quite have the charm to pull it off. Yes there are some sweet moments but I can’t say that I was gripped with this one. I love the idea of a superhero movie with a very British sensibility but this doesn’t quite pull it off. It has a lot of potential but, ultimately, it falls a little short in certain areas. Still, as an antithesis to the brash Hollywood superhero movie, this is a great little film made by a talented team. The cast works well together and I really enjoyed the different approach. I’m not rushing to rewatch it but it wasn’t a waste of time.

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