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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

The last week of July was a bit of a blur. A miserable and rainy blur but a blur nonetheless. August is going to be a pretty busy month, so hopefully I’ll get through all of the books I wanted to read. But I can worry about that later. For now, I’m finishing the month having finished more books than I expected. It’s been a difficult month and I haven’t felt up to reading much. This week was especially tricky and I was convinced that I’d fail to finish the books I needed to. So, how did I do?

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOK REVIEW – You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour & David Levithan

I’m not a big fan of YA fiction. I’m also not a big fan of romance novels either. I just find them to be quite obvious and simplistic. There’s not the kind of character development that I crave and everything is conveniently wrapped up by the end. I’m just not into that. So, why did I decide to read a YA romance this month? Cause I needed a novel starting with Y obviously. Would it be as bad I expected it to be or would it convince me to give more a chance? Find out why by giving my review a quick read.

  • TBT REVIEW – Iron Man (2010)

Ah 2010. When the MCU was much less complicated. When each film was only leading to The Avengers instead of the insane plan that Kevin Feige and co. have cooked up. As Black Widow has been in the spotlight (sort of) thanks to her first solo(ish) outing, I decided to revisit her first time in the MCU. It’s my most hated Marvel movie and one I haven’t watched more than once. Would it be as bad as I remember? If you’re feeling nostalgic, take a look at my review.

  • BOOKISH POST – July Reading Wrap-Up

Another end of the month and another post looking back on what I’ve read. I didn’t think I’d do too well this month because I’ve just not been bothered about reading anything. I must have managed to bring things together in the end though. I did much better than I expected. To see what I’ve read in the last 31 days, check out my wrap-up.

  • BOOKISH POST – Spell the Month in Book Titles: July

I’ve made it over halfway through the year and have successfully managed to each month so far. Of course, February aside, the first part of the year is relatively easy. Yes, there are a few odd letters but, lengthwise, there are no real worries. Now July is over, I really have to start getting a handle on my reading. There are some long months coming up. See how I did with July in my post.

Just Read

  • You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour & David Leviathan

I didn’t enjoy this one so it probably took a bit longer than it should have. Still, it wasn’t exactly taxing. A pretty mindless and obvious story to get me through.

  • Jazz by Toni Morrison

There was a point when I didn’t think that I’d finish this in time but I needed it for my Reading Challenge. Somehow, I managed to fit it in. It’s not my top pick for Toni Morrison but it’s well worth a read.

  • Thor Vol. 1 by Walter Simonson

I even managed to fit in a couple of extra graphic novels before the month ended. I like Thor as a character, so I thought this was quite fun. Who doesn’t love Beta Ray Bill?

  • Journey Into Mystery Vol.1 Fear Itself by Kieron Gillen

My final read of the month was a Loki filled one. He’s very much in the picture again and I can’t say that I approve of how Marvel handle the character. So, why not go back to the comics and see him in all his glory?

Currently Reading

  • The Tenets in the Tattoos by Becky James

I won an ARC copy of this recently and I’m hoping to get it read before it comes out in early August. It’s not necessarily my usual read but it sounded really interesting. I’m hoping it’ll go well.

Book Haul

I have bought a book this week but it was only because I was also buying something else. I decided to pick up Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder. I’ll get round to it at some point.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • ER– I’ve just reached the final season and I’m starting to care less. Pratt’s dead and Abby’s gone. Neela is the only person I really care about and she is making terrible choices. I might not bother with the rest.
  • Movies:

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