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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOK REVIEW – I Am, I Am, I Am by Maggie O’Farrell

I’d been wanting to read this book for a while, so April seemed like a great time to read it. Mainly because I couldn’t think of any other “i” title for my reading challenge that I could finish in time. As a concept, this is one of those totally captivating ones. If you’re going to write a memoir, then you might as well only write about the times you’ve brushed with death, right? So, it’s safe to say there was hype going in. We all know what happened with hyped books though. Would this let me down like so many others before it? You’ll need to head over to my review to find out.

  • TUESDAY REVIEW – Promising Young Woman (2020)

I’m kind of obsessed with Emerald Fennell right now. She’s fabulous, super talented and absolutely breathtaking. Although, that was only one of the reasons why I was so desperate to see this film. It just looked so timely and inspiring. It’s also great to see Carey Mulligan doing something that’s worth her talent. I had obscenely high hopes for this one but could it possibly live up? Head over to my review to find out.

  • BOOKISH POST – April Reading Wrap-Up

April has finally come and gone. Considering how awful it’s been for me, I’m pretty glad. It’s not been my most productive month for reading but I did manage to finish a few good books. We place so much focus on the number of books that I think I need to spend more time appreciating the quality. I mean, who cares if you reading 20 books a month if you only liked 2 of them? If you want to see the kind of books that I was reading last month just head over to my wrap-up post.

  • BOOKISH POST – Spell The Month In Book Titles: April

We’ve reached the end of another month which means it’s time to go over the titles I used to spell the month. Once again, I wasn’t sure that I’d actually manage it and left my final letter to the very last minute. Thankfully, I just about did it. If I’m struggling this much with April, what the hell am I going to cope with September? We’ll worry about that later I guess. For now, head over to my post to see which writers made it.

Just Read

  • X-men: Phoenix In Darkness By Grant Morrison

This popped up on my Kindle recommendations recently and, as it was available to read for free on Prime, I decided it was worth a look. I love Grant Morrison and consider them one of my favourite comic book writers. New X-Men is a fantastic series even 20 years later so I was keen to pick this up. I admit, I don’t keep as up-to-date with comics these days and have missed a lot of updates. I’ll get there. It’ll be slow but I’ll get there.

  • The New Me By Halle Butler

Our book club choice for April was this fairly short read. It wasn’t my first pick but I thought it sounded interesting. It had all of the right words on the back and a premise full of potential. In the end, it took me a great deal of effort to finish. I just felt nothing for it. Not for me at all.

Just Read

  • Lanny by Max Porter

My final book of the month and the final letter in my Spell the Month Challenge. One that I’ve been meaning to read for ages and one that I was really excited about reading. I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Max Porter so far. He’s such a fantastic writer and has such an original approach.

Currently Reading

  • The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie

Gotta make sure that I get at least one Christie in this month and I might as well start with this one. It’s such a delicious story and I’m really enjoying going back to it.

Book Haul

I don’t think I’ve actually bought any books this week. I’ve added loads to my list of ones to buy but haven’t actually taken the plunge. Let’s see how long it takes..

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine– They added another season to the UK’s version of Netflix recently and decided to watch it. It’s such a good show with loads of great characters.
    • ER – I finally went back to watching this and had to face to devastation of Mark Greene’s death. It was awful but I got there.
  • Movies:

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