Sunday Rundown – That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

So, after just over a year of being in lockdown and shielding as much as I can, I’m heading back into the office on Monday. It’s not that I didn’t know this day was coming, I just wasn’t expecting it to be so soon. Especially as there’s nothing that I can do in the office that I can’t do at home. On the other hand, I’ve had my first vaccine and have my second one of Tuesday. That means in a few weeks, I’ll be as protected as I’m going to be. It’s probably time to get back to as normal an existence as possible. I mean, I won’t be rushing out to shops or pubs yet but it might be nice to be around other people for a bit. Although, I started my current job in April 2019 and I realise that I’ve spent more time at home than I have in the workplace. Just something to think about.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOK REVIEW – The New Me by Halle Butler

We had our book club meeting about this book on Thursday and the majority of the people enjoyed it. They thought it was funny and thought provoking. According to them story was relatable and original. I disagreed. I was one of the minority who disagreed. I just didn’t get on with this book. Find out why by giving my review a quick read.

  • BOOKISH POST – Tea and Book Pairings

In honour of National Tea Day, I wanted to do something a little different this week. It’s an idea that I’ve been writing in my head for a few years now but never bothered to actually sit down and write. Now was the time. Why? Partly because of the day and partly because I didn’t have anything better to write about. And who doesn’t want to know which books go with which type of tea? If you want to know what you should be drinking with your next read, head over to my post.

  • TBT REVIEW – Moana (2016)

Despite listening to the soundtrack almost every day for the past few weeks, I’d never seen Moana until this week. It just hadn’t been on my to watch list when it came out. But I finally sat down and watched it. After all, I was already obsessed with Dwayne Johnson as Māui, so why not just watch the whole film? Plus, I’m never one to miss the chance to listen to a Lin-Manuel Miranda soundtrack whenever I can. If you’re feeling nostalgic, head over to my review.

Just Read

  • Nothing

I’ll be honest, I’ve been horribly disorganised this week and have been all over the place with my blog posts. Meaning I’ve been up late finishing them and not reading. I need to get a move on.

Currently Reading

  • I Am, I Am, I Am by Maggie O’Farrell

Still reading it. Still enjoying it. Wish I was the kind of reader this book deserves!

Book Haul

Genuinely think I’ve avoided buying new books this week. Good for me.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • Family Guy– I don’t think I’ve watched much this week but I have put this on in the background occasionally. It’s not exactly funny but it’s noise.
  • Movies: X-Men Days of Future Past – I watched this again yesterday. It’s still good. Not perfect but good.

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