Sunday Rundown – That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

I’ve had a genuinely terrible reading week. I started Klara and the Sun last Thursday and I only finished it yesterday. I’ve not been sleeping well and have been falling asleep after a few pages. I just don’t have the concentration at the moment. Which is worrying. Not least because I have only read 2 books so far this month and neither of them were letters towards my Spell the Month challenge. I’ve should still have enough time to complete the challenge but I will have to start getting quicker. Going from 10 books a month to 2 in 2 weeks is a huge dip. I just don’t know what’s wrong with me. Work’s been super stressful lately, so I’m going to blame that.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOK REVIEW – A Series of Unfortified Reviews – Parts 1 & 2

I decided that I didn’t have enough to say about either The Bad Beginning or The Reptile Room to review them separaretly. So, instead, I pushed them together. Then, as an added touch of whimsy, I gave it a title reminiscent of the series. Of course, I struggled to find a suitable word that began with “unfor” that really fit the situation. Meaning I picked the first one I found that vaguely worked. Are my reviews unfortified? In the same way that all of my reviews are. If you decide to attack them, I can’t defend myself and will probably cry. To find out if it’s worth attacking, you’ll want to give my review a quick read.

  • BOOKISH POST – Do you prefer male or female authors?

Instead of a normal book review, I went on a bit of rant this week. It all came out of an Instagram post that I saw on International Women’s Day. Or, at least, the comments on that post. It’s long and rather unhelpful but I needed to get it out of system. If you fancy a lot of feminist anger towards the patriarchy, then head over to my post.

  • TBT REVIEW – National Treasure (2004)

Since I got Disney+ last year, I’ve seen National Treasure hanging around on my feed. So, I’ve had an urge to watch it for a while. It’s been a while but I always think of it of being a fun film. Of course, that could just be the fact that both Nicolas Cage and Sean Bean are in it. It’s quite an astounding combo. I had to give it a chance to see if it really was a guilty pleasure or not. If you’re feeling nostalgic, head over to my review.

Just Read

  • Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

It took me a while but don’t think for one second that had anything to do with the book. I mean, yes, I was a little worried before I started reading it because I’d been burnt before. Literary authors have suddenly discovered science-fiction and AI apparently but not all of them have done it justice. Considering he wrote Never Let Me Go, I shouldn’t have worried. This was everything people have been saying it is.

Currently Reading

I’m yet to decide what I’m reading next. It should probably be something beginning with either M, A, R, C. or H but I keep changing my mind about what that will be.

Book Haul

I’ve had to stop myself buying most of the Women’s Prize longlist but, so far, I’ve managed to stop myself. It won’t be long though. Some of them sound amazing.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • South Park– I finally caught up with the previous season. The only thing I’ve yet to watch is the Pandemic special. I’m sure it will be great. This is a show that has only gotten better with age.
    • Family Guy – Unlike this show, which has only become less funny and more pathetic as time goes on. I’ve watched a few of the episodes I’ve missed over the years but it’s not doing anything for me. It’s just sad.
    • Superstore – I started watching this yesterday and I can’t stop. It’s not that I think it’s overly funny but it’s nice. It’s like most American sitcoms because it doesn’t do anything too wacky and is comfortingly familiar. It’s fine to have on in the background.
  • Movies:

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