Tuesday Review – ‎Bigfoot Family (2020)

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

I had quite a bit to do on Sunday and my day ended up massively going off the rails. Meaning I forgot about watching a film for today’s post until that evening I didn’t really have time to watch what I’d originally planned so I ended up finding the first quick thing I saw on Netflix. What I didn’t realise at the time was that this film was a sequel. I’m not saying that it became difficult to follow because it’s still a kid’s film. It just meant that I was a bit slow on the uptake with certain references. I just thought the writers couldn’t be bothered to include all of the necessary context, which seemed quite an interesting choice.

Although, I admit that my hopes for this film were dashed almost immediately because it opens with one of the worst film clichés of all time. We are slowly zooming in towards the home of our main characters and a voiceover kicks in with the following:

Every family is weird but, trust me, mine is the weirdest.

Urgh, it’s just so uninspiring and cliched. This tired trope has been used in television and movies for far too long. Also, this is a film about a family where the dad is Bigfoot. I think it goes without saying that we’re dealing with a weird family. Talk about unnecessarily wasting my time. So, it’s safe to say that I was already expecting this to go badly and that was before I even realised there was a proceeding film I hadn’t seen.

It didn’t turn out as terribly as I expected but, on the whole, this was horribly underwhelming. It just didn’t try and do anything interesting or exciting. The narrative is one that we’ve seen countless times before so there is really no doubt where this is going. The addition of an environmental argument gave me hope that it would say something meaningful but, boy, was I disappointed. This is just your average good guys vs bas guys animated movie plot. It didn’t even really make much use out of the Bigfoot idea or the animal sidekicks. Everything was just so simple. It’s like nobody was really trying with this story. And I know, it’s a children’s film and they’ll probably be happy with anything. That still doesn’t mean you need to give up entirely. Why not give something more for the adults who have to watch it with them? Or, you know, give kids a bit more respect in general?

This film deserved a better story because the animation is pretty good. It doesn’t feel like all of the Disney movies and polished Hollywood stuff. It’s the 7th animated film by nWave Pictures and it looks just as good as their other films. They’re all wonderfully animated and very visually appealing. Young viewers will definitely love the colourful and larger than life characters. Older viewers might appreciate that, though things are cutesy, it’s not too over-the-top. There’s a touch of realism here too. There’s no doubt that these guys can do animation. The problem lies in the stories. They’re just not doing enough with their narratives.

There’s potentially an idea that you don’t need to try too hard with kid’s movies as long as you have enough jokes and slapstick. I think it’s a huge shame. When you spend so much time in making something look this good, why not make sure the story is just as good? Why work with a half-arsed premise in the first place? It’s just kind of boring. The best thing about this film by far is reading the angry comments of right wing parents who think this film is trying to brainwash their children. Save yourself the effort and just read the Google audience reviews instead.

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