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Sunday Rundown

What have you been reading this week?

Is it just me or has this been quite a long week? I feel like a lot has gone down since I wrote my last Rundown. There’s been plenty of medical drama for the whole family but, fingers crossed, it’s all going to be okay. It’s just a bit of waiting. Aside from that, it feels like I’ve managed to do a lot this week. I’ve finished 4 books in total now, which is madness. That’s nearly half of the books I read in January in 1 week. God knows how I’ve managed it but it’s happened. Just sit back and watch me hit the biggest slump in the history of reading slumps.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOKISH POST -Spell the Month in Book Titles: January Edition

To try and make my monthly reading more challenging… ahem, I mean fun, I decided to set myself a further challenge. I decided on this once I had finished my first book of the year but kept it quiet. I had no faith that I’d be able to manage it, so figured I’d read the books in a random order. That way it wouldn’t be obvious when I inevitably failed. Did I manage it? Which books did I use to spell the month? You’ll have to head over to my post to find out.

  • TUESDAY REVIEW – Baby Done (2019)

After I finished watching this film, I got stuck in a deep dive of British comedians and their romantic partners. It’s not relevant but I never knew that Rose Matafeo, star of this film, once dated James Acaster. So, naturally, I started Googling the shit out the situation like a gossip hungry fiend. I do hte myself a bit now but I’ve basically not seen anyone since March 2019. I need stuff like this. But what about the film? head over to my review for more information.

  • BOOK REVIEW – Yes Please by Amy Poehler

One of my 2021 Reading Resolutions is to read more of the unread books on my shelf. I’ve had Yes Please for a good few years now, so it definitely counted. It was lucky that I needed a “Y” title to complete my Spell the Month January reading challenge. I had always put off reading this because I’m never sure about comedian writing books. They might be hilarious when they perform but that doesn’t necessarily translate onto the page. Would Poehler manage to live up to my high expectations for her? Have a read of my review to see if I had a reason to worry.

  • BOOK REVIEW – Come Again by Robert Webb

I absolutely loved Robert Webb’s memoir How Not To be a Boy so I was really excited to to read his first novel. I even went so far as to pre-order the hardback. Of course, as you’ll have guessed, I never got round to reading it last year. I finally decided to listen to the audiobook at the end of last month. Was it everything I wanted it to be? You’ll need to head over to my review

Just Read

  • When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole

I’d started this at the end of January and it took me a couple of days to get through it. I’d been expecting big things from it because I’ve only heard positive reviews. It’s been all over Instagram and I’ve yet to find anyone who didn’t enjoy it. Did I? Well, you’ll have to wait for me to post my review this week.

  • Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Driver by Rob Grant

I’ve had this audiobook in my Audible library for a while and never found the right time to read it. Thankfully, February has 2 r’s in it, so I needed something quick and unread. I enjoyed Chris Barrie’s narration and love his attempt at doing his costars accents. Did I enjoy the actual book? That’s less clear.

  • Fox 8 by George Saunders

I’ve had my eye on this baby for a while but I never had the excuse to buy it. Then it was listed as a possibility for my book club’s January read. Unfortunately, I was the only one who voted for it and we ended up reading one of the least enjoyable books I’ve ever encountered. To cheer myself up, I finally bought a copy.

  • Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie

Another audiobook and another letter to cross off my Spell the Month challenge. This isn’t an Agatha Christie that I’ve read before. I don’t think I’ve read many of her later books and I can see why people aren’t as fond of them. She had a long career and it clearly started to get to her. If you only read her books from this period then I can see why people might criticise her skills.

Currently Reading

  • All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman

Another book club choice that wasn’t picked. For this month’s read, we were picking between more romantically inclined books. I’m not a big lover of romance centric plots but this one sounded fascinating. A bit of a twist on the classic rom-com scenario.

Book Haul

Okay, I have been a bit naughty this week but, in my defense, I had £20 to spend at Waterstones, so they were actually basically free.

  • Bridget Jones’s Diary (And Other Writing): 25th Anniversary Edition by Helen Fielding

I don’t think I’ve ever read this book before but I was obsessed with the film when I was younger. As soon as I saw this edition, I knew that I had to have it. It’s gorgeous.

  • The Betrayals by Bridget Collins

I own The Binding but it remains unread on my shelf. So, obviously, it was necessary to also buy this book. Another situation in which I’m drawn in by a beautiful book. What is wrong with me?

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • The Simpsons– Am I still dipping in and out? Yep. Though I’m starting to see my attention is waning.
  • Movies:

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