Sunday Rundown – That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown
How has your week been? What have you been reading?

Yesterday was the first day of my holiday and I did absolutely nothing. I should probably have sat down to finish the book I’m reading but I was just so damn tired. I know I’ve been shut up inside since mid-March but it’s been exhausting. So, I just need to get some rest this week. After all, I’m pretty sure I have to go back to the office in August. I’m not entirely happy about it but I don’t think work will let me continue working home. Now that Boris Johnson has called time on shielding for high-risk people, I just can’t see them listening to my concerns. But, no matter what the PM says, the virus is still out there and I’m still at a huge risk if I get it. The virus can stay in the air for 3 hours and I work in a small office with only the windows as ventilation. This means if any of my colleagues are asymptomatic then I don’t stand a chance. Work can say they’ve taken precautions but they can’t guarantee that we won’t catch it. I’m sure that none of us wants to get it but having a suppressed immune system does make me extra wary. And it’s not as is I haven’t been doing my job at home for the past few months. But nevermind that now. Let’s talk about books.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOK REVIEW – Slay by Brittney Morris

Whenever I read YA books, I just end up feeling super old. They all just feel so silly and simplistic. I realise that there is a greater range of literature for younger people these days but I’m still kind of glad I grew up when I did. People just seem to be phoning it in these days. Like Slay which draws people in with its connection to Black Panther and Ready Player One. It’s an easy way to get people to buy a copy of your book without having to do much work. I mean it worked on me so it’s bound to work on someone half my age. Check out my review to find out if it was worth a try.

  • TUESDAY REVIEW – Dolittle (2020)

Put this in the category of films that I never intended to see this year. Robert Downey Junior’s first film post-Iron Man (okay, so there’s Black Widow but nevermind) just looked mega cringe. It just looked immature, thinly plotted, and heavily reliant on big-name stars. Of course, lockdown changed a lot of things and I decided to give it a go. After all, RBJ is pretty charismatic in every role, so it was sure to have some positives, right? Read my review to find out if it did.

  • BOOK REVIEW – Animal Farm by George Orwell

There’s something about 1984 that just makes people go crazy and I don’t really get it. Okay, I do get it. I used to be the same way because I thought it made me seem clever and literary. However, I’m older and more well-read now. I can see that the novel has many flaws. It’s just a rambly and kind of messy novel. I can quite confidently that I much prefer Animal Far. Head over to my review to hear exactly why this is the case.

  • TBT REVIEW – Tropic Thunder (2008)

There will be many people who are still upset that Robert Downy Jr wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Avengers: Endgame. I don’t see why. He was amazing in that film but is it really Oscar-worthy? I guess that’s not made much difference in the past. After all, the last time RDJ was nominated for an Academy Award he was wearing blackface. I’m still not convinced that was the right decision, no matter have good his performance was in that film. I decided it was worth a rewatch. If you’re feeling nostalgic then check out my review.

  • BOOKISH POST – Orwell Good, Tory Bad: why you should reread Animal Farm in 2020

I was a little fired up after rereading Animal Farm last weekend and I wanted to write about it. So, I added a cheeky bonus post to the schedule and I got political. It’s just impossible to ignore the parallels between the current political situation in the UK and the book. When I was reading, the characters were morphing into a grotesque version of the Prime Minister and his cronies. We need to get an animated version of this made with disgusting pigs who look like Johnson and Cummings. If you’re unconvinced that the novella is relevant, check out my post.

Just Read

  • Slay by Brittney Morris

This book had so much potential for me but I just ended up being disappointed. It glazed over the most interesting aspect of the novel for a really thin narrative about a non-so mystery figure trolling an online gaming community. I feel like this book was trying to make waves with its social message but it neglected the actual storytelling.

  • Animal Farm by George Orwell

Last Sunday, I decided to listen to the Audible version of Orwell’s animal-based fable. It’s read by Simon Callow who not only has an incredibly soothing voice but is a fantastic actor with a range of voices at his disposal. It was such a great reading and I would recommend to anyone who fancies revisiting this book.

Currently Reading

  • The Spectrum of Sex by Hida Viloria and Maria Nieto

I haven’t really read much of this recently as I want to give it my full (meaning not falling asleep) attention. So, I’m going to get to grips with it on my week off.

  • Those People by Louise Candlish

I don’t remember when I bought this but it must have been a 99p Kindle offer. I also have the audiobook, so I’ve been flipping between the two. I can’t say I’m too impressed so far but it might prove me wrong. This could be the first contemporary book to actually shock me with a twist ending. I doubt it but I’ve been wrong about things before.

Recently Purchased

I have books sat in my Waterstones basket and I need to buy a copy of Sula for my book club but I haven’t bought anything this week. It’s been tough. I’ve seen some great editions on Instagram that I need in my life.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • Ink Masters – I bloody love this ridiculous show. It’s everything I love about reality TV. There’s terrible tough talk, unnecessary fights, and lots of awkward man-hugs. It’s a beautiful thing.

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