Friday Favourites: Tom Hanks movies

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I appear to be having a bit of a Tom Hanks moment right now. I reviewed Sully the other week, A Beautiful Day in the NeighborhoodA Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood on Tuesday, and Splash on Thursday. I decided that I might as well embrace it by picking my favourite Tom Hanks films. Though, I quickly realised that I’ve not watched a great deal of them and, of those that I have watched, I don’t like many. I think Saving Private Ryan is just messy even though Hanks gives a great performance. I think Big is creepy. Forrest Gump isn’t as good as everyone says that it is. As a person who gets bored by romantic comedies, I can only just appreciate his films with Meg Ryan. So, I really started to worry that I didn’t really have any favourite Tom Hanks films. But I have no other ideas for today’s post so what the hell. There are a few that I’ve missed off not because, though they are good films, I didn’t quite enjoy them as much. This isn’t just about quality. We can’t only love Oscar-worthy films, you know.

The Toy Story franchise

Of course, the Toy Story films are one of my favourite parts of Tom Hanks’ filmography. I was exactly the right age for them when the first two came out and I have enough nostalgia about them to love the later films. Plus, they’re Pixar films which means they’re not only funny but also really beautiful. Tom Hanks is the perfect choice to play Woody and his voice was made for voice acting. He brings depth to him and makes sure that the audience can sympathise with him.



As we found out on Thursday, this is actually a really good film. Hanks is great at both the comedy and the emotional sides of the story. He and Daryl Hannah have great chemistry and keep the film moving. As a film, Splash is a lot of fun and pretty well made. Something that is impressive considering how silly and ridiculous it could have been.


Saving Mr Banks

Do I love this film because of Tom Hanks? Umm. Do I love this film because of Emma Thompson? Most definitely. After all, this isn’t really a film about Walt Disney but about P.L. Travers. But that doesn’t mean Hanks wasn’t a great addition to the cast. He brings something to the role. He brings a certain charm to the role but he doesn’t shy away from his determined nature. After all, it was the very thing that allowed Disney to create his empire. Hanks is a great foil for Thompson’s Travers. Two great actors coming face-to-face. What more could you want?

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I know this is Hanks’ most recent film but it’s also one of his best. Not only is the film really good but Hanks does an amazing job in the role of Fred Rogers. As Hollywood’s Mr Nice Guy it was possible that casting him in the role would be a little too on the nose but it works. Hanks is always charming so he really does excel as the soft-spoken Mr Rogers. This is the kind of film that you could happily watch repeatedly.


The first film that gained Hanks an Oscar win and one of his finest performances. Although, I do think this film is problematic. Especially nowadays. This was such a big deal in terms of gay rights and representation in Hollywood. Yet, the film is so afraid to promote the fact that Hanks’ character was a gay man. You’d barely know. His character is pretty one-dimensional, which is a massive shame. Yet there are moments of brilliance to be found. Maybe the make-up helps a little but that doesn’t mean that his performance isn’t great.


Catch Me If You Can 

I haven’t seen this Steven Spielberg film in a while but I do remember really enjoying it every time I’ve seen it. It’s an interesting story and has two great actors in Leo and Hanks. I’m not always the biggest Spielberg fan but this is one of his better films in recent years. The film is quite stylish and has a sweet edge to it. It’s also a lot of fun and incredibly entertaining. I definitely need to watch it again soon.


Apollo 13

A classic film and one that you instantly think about when you think of Tom Hanks film. It’s another team up for Hanks and Rob Howard as they retell the story of the Apollo 13 crew. The film boasts a great cast who all give memorable performances. It is also a really well-made drama. Admittedly, it’s been a while since I last saw it so I can’t guarantee it’s aged well. Still, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s still pretty good.


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