Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown
How has your week been? What have you been reading?

This week has been a bloody long one. I’ve posted more blog posts in one week than I think I ever have. Which is great on the one hand but does mean that I haven’t had much spare time for reading. I barely have enough time to write this rundown because I wrote so many posts this week. I should take a break for a while. But I won’t. Not only do I have a self-imposed schedule to keep but, you know, it’s my job.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOK REVIEW – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

There are some books that you instantly love. There are some books that you just forget as soon as the cover closes. Then there are those books that really make a negative impact. I wouldn’t say that Pride and Prejudice is one of those books that I hate but I’ve always kind of hated how much people love it without question. As I’ve always seen it, it’s just a twee and kind of shallow romance. It ignores many of the key political thoughts of the period and mostly sticks with the traditional beliefs about gender and class. Still, I like to challenge myself and I decided now was a time to revisit this book. After all, I’ve grown up and my reading habits have matured. Read my review to see if I changed my mind

  • OSCARS WEEK REVIEW – Parasite (2019)

Kicking off Oscars week on the blog with the first of many film review. Every year I attempt to watch all of the Best Picture nominees before the ceremony and this year I did it quite easily. This was one that I was most looking forward to but was it worth it? Ready my review to find out.

  • OSCARS WEEK REVIEW – Little Women (2019)

When I finished all of the Best Picture nominees, I decided to see how many Oscar-nominated films I could watch before February 9th. Starting with this one. I really wanted to see this one too. Mostly because of how good everyone says it is but also because of Captain America in knitwear. Go check out my review to see if I can focus on anything other than Chris Evans in knitwear.

  • BOOK REVIEW – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming

I always knew it was going to be tricky to finish a book this week because of my schedule, so I went back to my old friend Audible. One quick audiobook later and I’d finished Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I’d never read the book before but, obviously, I’m super familiar with the film. It’s pretty eye-opening to see where the source. Go and my review to see why.

  • OSCARS WEEK REVIEW – Bombshell (2019)

When is Charlize Theron not Charlize Theron? When she’s in Bombshell. It was worth watching this film just because of how different the actor looks here. It’s incredible and I still don’t quite believe it was her. A genuinely mindblowing job by the make-up team. It’s something I bang on about in my review but that’s no reason not to read it.

  • OSCARS WEEK REVIEW – Missing Link (2019)

One surprise win at the Golden Globes for this film and a BAFTA win for Klaus and suddenly Toy Story 3 wasn’t looking quite so secure for the prize of Best Animated Feature Film. I’d never got round to seeing Missing Link last year but I decided I’d give it a go as it was on Netflix. Plus, I’m a huge lover of stop motion. What could go wrong? Go check out my review to see if anything did.

  • FRIDAY FAVOURITES – Oscar Nominees 2020

As it’s Oscar Week, it only seemed fair that my Friday Favourites was related to the awards too. I’ll be posting my predictions later today but, first, I wanted to post my personal favourites. The people/films that I think should win. Head over to my post to see them.

  • OSCARS WEEK REVIEW – Harriet (2019)

If it wasn’t for Harriet, the Oscars would have seen the acting categories being completely whitewashed again. I’m all for discussing the problem but I also worry that the talk of diversity has somewhat overshadowed Cynthia Erivo’s much-deserved nomination. It’s genuinely criminal that she’s going to get beaten by Renée fucking Zellweger. Head to my review to see why I’m backing Ervio.

  • OSCARS WEEK REVIEW – I Lost My Body (2019)

This year, the Best Picture category isn’t really providing the usual drama. We all know who is going to win because, really, there’s only 1 choice. Three films are lucky to be there, 2 are from Netflix, 1 isn’t really a Best Picture film, 1 isn’t an English language film, and 1 is an adaptation of a novel. So, it’s clear who the voters will go for. So, we need to find out drama elsewhere. Luckily, more can be found in the Best Animated Feature category. It was probably assumed that Toy Story 3 would win but both the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs have picked different films. This could be anyone’s game and it’s exciting. Go check out my review to see if Netflix’s French animation could possibly walk away with the prize.

  • OSCARS WEEK REVIEW – The Two Popes (2019)

When you’re a film that’s basically a two-hander featuring a couple of legendary British actors, you can expect to pick up a couple of acting nominations. But is The Two Popes worth anything other than commendations on its great cast? I had to find out. Read my review to find out if there’s more to this film.

Just Finished

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming

Finished this in a couple of hours. My motivation may not have been completely pure but my love of David Tennant’s narration certainly was. I’d listen to that man tell me any story.

Currently Reading

  • The Child: An Audible Drama by Sebastian Fitzek

I’ve not really had much time for reading so I’m trying to get my books in for this week. The only way that would be possible was by using audiobooks again. I’ve had this for a while and the cast is pretty amazing. I thought I might as well give it a chance.

  • On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

This is it. This is the month that I finish this gorgeous book. I’m ready for it. Soon. I promise.

Recently Purchased

I think I’ve been okay this week. I was tempted but I managed to resist. Of course, if I’m not also reading books this book buying ban is only partly working.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • The Good Place – I finally finished the final season of this show. I loved it. I cried. It was awful but great. What a wonderful and original show.
    • BoJack Horseman – Final episodes were just as good as I was hoping. This show has been incredible from the start and I love how downbeat the ending is. Everyone kind of got closure but the fact it went out on a bit of a downer was perfect. It’s the most human and relatable show I think I’ve ever seen.
  • Films
    • Oscar films. So many Oscar films.

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