Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown
How has your week been? What have you been reading?

I’ve been back at work for two days this week and already I’m exhausted. That was mostly because I didn’t sleep well. It had been so long since I got up with my alarm that I think my body clock freaked out a bit. So, it woke me up several times through the night. Hopefully, this week I’ll get back into the routine. I need to if I’m hoping to get any reading done this week. I’ve got quite a lot to get through this year. And, though I only set my reading goal at 50, I’m hoping to completely smash that with my new strategy of reading an audiobook a week. I doubt I’ll double it but it will help bring the numbers up.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • BOOK REVIEW – ‘Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas by Adam McKay

I’m back to my usual blogging schedule this week. First up, was this review of one of my last reads of 2019. It was something I read in a matter of hour when I was super ill. I’ve still not read This is Going to Hurt yet and I was hoping that this short festive book would inspire me. Read my review to see if this short read is worth a look.

  • TUESDAY REVIEW – Marriage Story (2019)

I got rid of Netflix a while ago and only went back in December. That was mainly so I could take part in my annual Netflix Christmas movie binge. It also showed just how much I’ve missed out on. There are so many shows and films that I need to catch up on. I thought it was best to start with this likely Oscar nominee. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson go through a divorce? It sounded like it was going to be quite a ride. Go check out my review to find out whose side I’m on.


As Tuesday also marked the end of 2019, it was time to do my annual favourites list. Last year I also did a list of least favourites too but I decided against it this year. The world is already full of negativity that creating a list of the things I most disliked this year to mock them one more time seemed a bit much. People took the time to make those things and, regardless of my opinion, they deserve a little respect. I also didn’t do a top 10 of my favourite TBT films this time because so many of them came in at 4*. It seemed stupid and impossible to make that list.

  • 2019 REVIEW OR: How I got a new job and remembered how to be happy

What did you do on New Year’s Eve? Me? Oh, I just sat at my computer and wrote a really personal blog entry that made me really emotional. It wasn’t the sort of evening I’d have planned but it was pretty cathartic. Instead of my usual book review, I had a look back on my personal development last year. It all got a bit much and I revealed some things about my past that I haven’t admitted to many people. Still, I think it’s good, especially in this day and age, to be honest about mental health stuff. This year has been a good year in so many ways and my post looks back at why.

  • T.HROWBACK THURSDAY – Daddy’s Home 2 (1979)

There are so many obvious comparisons to make between Marriage Story and Kramer vs Karmer that it would have been a wasted opportunity not to watch it for this week’s TBT. It’s been a while since I watched this and I was interested to see how the film stood up 40 years on. We know that Meryl Streep is still a goddess but what about the rest of it? If you’re also feeling a bit nostalgic then head over to my review.

  • FRIDAY FAVOURITES – Books on my TBR pile

As well as being the time of year to look back, this is the time to be looking forward. We’re all making goals for the year ahead. I don’t much bother with New Year’s Resolutions because I know how terrible my willpower is. Any that I do make are usually related to books. This year, once again, I’m pledging to not buy so many books. This is both a favour to my wallet and a drive to decrease the number of unread books I own. But we all have books on our TBR pile that we’re more excited about than others. So, I decided to list my favourite ones. Head over to my post to see them.

Just Finished

  • Last Christmas curated by Greg Wise and Emma Thompson

I bought this because I love Emma Thompson and felt guilty for hating her new film. There’s also the fact that some of the money goes to charity and the fact that I love hearing about people’s personal lives. There is a great range of people writing here and some big names. I’m looking forward to getting further into this

Currently Reading

New year, new start. It’s time to get rid of the books I’m partway through and act as if I’ve not got anything on the go. Get rid of all of this reading baggage so the new year is clear.

  • On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous edited by Ocean Vuong

I bought this book in my January sale book haul and had to start reading it straight away. It’s a letter written by a man to his mother who can’t read. And if that doesn’t get you excited then I don’t know what you’re looking for in a book. I’m not very far into it yet because I’ve been pretty useless so far but I’ll get there.

Recently Purchased

I’ve bought so many books recently as one final hurrah before my book ban. I realise that’s not a healthy way to approach it but there were loads of books I wanted to read this year. It’s probably best that I do a separate book haul soon.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • Rome – I got a craving to watch this series again recently. I think it was watching The Crown and remembering that Tobias Menzies was in it. So, I’ve binged watched the two series over the last few days. Now, I don’t think it looks to slick these days but this series still holds up. It’s so good and manages to do so much in a short space of time.
  • Films

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