Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown
How has your week been? What have you been reading?

Here we are on another Sunday evening with a rundown of my week’s reading. I had Friday off so it feels like I’ve done a lot this weekend. I had a lovely day out on Friday, a night out on Saturday, and a relaxing day today. I’m still not ready to go back to work tomorrow but when does anybody ever look-forward to a Monday. Especially having had a day off. Youn can guarantee that nobody was dealing with my emails when I was off. That would be far too helpful. But, never mind. I can get through this week and hopefully find some time to read. Doubtful if you look back on August but I’m an optimist.



Weekly Blog Posts

  • TUESDAY REVIEW – Good Boys (2019)


I listen to a lot of podcasts whilst I’m at work so I’ve heard the trailer for this film too many times. There was no way that I wasn’t going to find out what the fuss was about.  It was so hyped. I mean calling it the underage version of Superbad was quite a bold move. So, could it ever live up to it? To find out you should probably just read my review.


  • BOOK REVIEW – Something to Live For by Richard Roper


I initially bought this book because of the beautiful cover and painted edges. Yes, it sounded like an interesting concept but, let’s be honest, it was mainly about the edition. I ended up really getting into it and managed to finish it fairly quickly. For me, at least. But was the content as good as the outer cover? To find out if it was worth my time you can check out my post.


  • FROWBACK FRIDAY – Room (2015)


After watching Good Boys for Tuesday, there was an obvious choice for which films to rewatch this week. It’s been 4 years since we first saw Jacob Tremblay in his breakout role as Jack in the adaption of Room. His latest role couldn’t have been more different so I wanted to go back to a more innocent time. If you’re also feeling a bit nostalgic then head over to my review.



Just Read

  • Something to Live For by Richard Roper


I’ll be honest, since reading this book I’ve not been able to stop thinking about what would happen if I died alone. What would the people looking through my belongings think about me? Definitely that I had too many books and toy swords. That I own too many pairs of shoes and unused cushions. I don’t think I’d leave the best impression!

Currently Reading

  • Darkness on the Edge of Time by Adam Christopher

This book seems super expensive for what it is but, thankfully, I had a book token to use. This is a Stranger Things novel all about Hopper’s time in as a New York detective. I loved Hopper until Season 3 so I really wanted to see how he would fare in the extended universe. I’m not sure how I feel about this by now. Book spin-offs of TV shows or films are a bit of a weird thing.



  • Frankissstein by Jeanette Winterson

Not got any further with this as I couldn’t resist the allure of Hopper any longer. It’ll be my next read I’m sure. Am I lying? Definitely.

  • Supper Club by Lara Williams


I think I’m going to try the audiobook with this one. It might be easier to get through.


  • The Sky Is Yours by Chandler Klang Smith


I’ve set this aside for the time being. It feels like it’s going to be a very dense read so I think I’ll leave it for a better time. A time when I’m in the right mood.



Recently Purchased


I bought one book this week:

  • A Book of Book Lists by Alex Johnson – I liked the sound of this book. A compilation of book-related lists. I love a good list.


Recently Watched


  • TV:
    • Futurama– I decided it was time to cancel Netflix again and start using Prime. The first thing I did? Rewatch the later seasons of Futurama. I bloody love this show.
    • Community – I don’t think I’ve ever seen the final season of this show. It’s weird. Still, funny but not quite as good. I miss Shirley.
  • Films
    • Don’t think I’ve watched random films this week. If I had, they obviously weren’t interesting enough to remember.

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