Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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Sunday Rundown
How has your week been? What have you been reading?

To start things off, you may have noticed that my blog theme has changed again. I’ve been feeling a bit bored with things recently so I was looking to make a change. I think I’m pretty happy with the way it looks now but we’ll have to see. I keep having the urge to change a lot of things at the moment. I think it’s because there are so many things about my work’s marketing strategy that I would change but don’t have the authority. So, I’m altering whatever I have the power to change. Speaking of work, tomorrow is Bank Holiday Monday and, once again, I’m going to be at work. It’s our busiest time of year and I was told about this when I joined. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t irritating. Especially as half of my office have actually managed to get the day off. I still feel pretty new but I need to be there to look after our Summer temp. God help him if he needs to ask me anything too complicated! But I’m not really complaining. I had a busy week last week but I think I managed to catch up by Friday. Which means I’m starting the week feeling a little better about everything than I was expecting.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • CREATIVELY CONTENT – #cs_colourmyworld

Colour isn’t something that you’ll really see a lot of on my Instagram. I prefer a minimal vibe with natural colours. Wood or white are the two colours you’ll see more often than anything on my feed. So, when we were challenged to play with colour, I wanted to give it a try. The challenge was encouraging is to edit our photos with different colours, which I attempted on a basic level. If you want to see how I got on you can check out my photos.

  • TUESDAY REVIEW – Fighting With My Family (2019)

I’d wanted to see this film when it came out at the cinema but, for whatever reason, I never got round to it. When it became clear that I wasn’t going to watch a new film for my review this week, I finally decided to watch it. But, after all of this time, would it live up to my expectations. To find out you should probably just read my review.

  • BOOK REVIEW – Bad Dad by David Walliams

I actually managed to finish a book this week. The fact that the book I finished was meant for children shouldn’t make this any less of an achievement. I’ve wanted to read one of David Walliams’ books for ages and this was the time. To find out if it was worth my time you can check out my post.

  • THROWBACK THURSDAY – The Little Giants (1994)

I’ve had the urge to rewatch this film for ages. It was one of our favourites when we were kids. I don’t know anyone else who has ever watched it so I don’t think it was a massive deal in the UK. But thanks to a random VHS triple pack, my twin sister and I watched this over and over. I had to see if I still loved it as much. If you’re also feeling a bit nostalgic then head over to my review.

Just Read

  • Bad Dad by David Walliams

I picked this up super cheap in the hope it would be a quick read. It wasn’t as quick as I thought but I go there eventually. I kind of see why David Walliams is 

Currently Reading

  • Something to Live For by Richard Roper

This sounded like an interesting and cute read. And I hoped that it would be a quick read. It’s all about a man who deals with the funerals for people without families. He finds himself in his 40s without a family. Although, that’s not what he’s told his coworkers. And suddenly his lies start to fall apart. It sounds weird and kind of Eleanor Oliphant like.

  • Frankissstein by Jeanette Winterson

I started reading this as soon as I’d finished Bad Dad and I’m one chapter down. I only stopped because I bought a couple of new books and wanted to start one straight away. Plus, I figured this might take me a while and I wanted to try and get my count for August up a bit.

  • Supper Club by Lara Williams

This is taking such a long time to read so I’ve put it on hold to try and get something finished. It’s a lot more intense than I expected. In a good way but still. It’s a lot for a pre-bed book.

  • The Sky Is Yours by Chandler Klang Smith

I’ve set this aside for the time being. It feels like it’s going to be a very dense read so I think I’ll leave it for a better time. A time when I’m in the right mood.

Recently Purchased

I bought a couple of books this week:

  • Something to Live For by Richard Roper – this sounded super cute and I was kind of obsessed with the cover and the design on the edges. I couldn’t resist. 
  • The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware – another book with a design on the edges that drew me in with its beauty and kept me there with its story. This sounds like a creepy thriller and, as someone who loves classic gothic novels, I wanted to give it a try.
  • Alice in Wonderland – If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this on my stories. The first time I ordered it I got a copy of a different book that had the cover of this book on it. When I got the correct book today, I found out that this “limited edition” is the shittest book ever. The printing is bad and the quality isn’t worth the price. So, I’m sending it back.

Recently Watched

  • TV:
    • Mighty Boosh – I’ve caught up to the penultimate season. I watched that just before the new season came out so I think I’m done.
    • Glow – I finished the new season and loved it. This season is just as good as the rest. It’s fun, emotional, and really well made. 
    • 13 Reasons Why – I’ve not enjoyed any of the previous seasons of this show so I don’t really know why I watched this one. I wish I hadn’t because it got even sillier than the rest. The first two seasons were offensive to me because of how they used sexual assault and suicide on-screen. This season offended me because it made no fucking sense. It’s time this show went away forever.
  • Films
    • Unicorn Store – I was initially going to use this film as my Tuesday Review this week but decided to go with my desire to watch Fighting With My Family instead. I wasn’t sure what to make of this film. I like Brie Larson but the story seemed too quirky. In the end, I think there was a lot of potential and it was very sweet and charming. But it was all a bit much. A bit too whimsical and silly. I need something a little less saccharine.
    • Kung Fu Panda 2 – I’d never seen this film so, when I was browsing Netflix, it seemed like a good one to watch. I love Gary Oldman when he’s playing someone evil and I think Jack Black was born to play a panda. This isn’t the best-animated franchise out there but it’s pretty darn good. Now I just need Netflix to add the third one.

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