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img_0071-01_chroma-018834349703622924431.jpeg This week’ss Creatively Squared challenge was all about adding colour to the world. Something I’m not normally good at. I prefer a minimal and natural kind of vibe. My photos are either on a white background or a wooden one. So, making things more colourful isn’t exactly my vibe. But the #cs_colourmyworld hashtag wanted to encourage people to edit their photos to bring them to life. Normally, I don’t do much to edit my photos. Well, I sort out the usual sort of things. If they’re a bit too bright or dark the I’ll fix it. But I’m not one for trying anything too much. Is that because I prefer a natural simplicity or because I’m still teaching myself how to do fancy things on Photoshop? You decide.

So, I started the week slowly and just entered some colourful photos. The Penguin books rainbow is an oldie but I love it. The yellow flowers were a recent picture that I think turned out well. The edits were fairly simple but I’m taking it slow. The macarons were a simple colour pop. I’m not sure it was as effective because most of the photo is white. However, the colours do pop. The rainbow plane was a fun thing I managed to do using a photo ap. It’s not as clean as it could be but it gives a message. I love the creepy, Stephen King-esque results of the red sky photo. It started life as a grey and boring photo. Now it has some drama. Then, the ombre flowers were another quick experiment. Plus, I’ve added a few of my experiments that I didn’t end up posting. And why not?



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